Make Valentine’s Day special, use these 5 features of WhatsApp, express Feelings in digital style


People will make new efforts to make Valentine special.
You can take the help of WhatsApp to express your feelings.
You can express your heart’s feelings through the features of WhatsApp.

New Delhi. Valentine’s Day is round the corner and people are looking for innovative ways to make this day memorable and make their loved ones feel special. If you also want to express your feelings digitally in a new way, then today we are going to tell you about some such features of WhatsApp, with the help of which you can express your feelings to your loved ones in a new way.

It is very easy to use these features of WhatsApp. You can use them comfortably without any extra effort. Let us now tell you about these features and how you can make your day memorable with the help of them.

digital avatar
WhatsApp helps users create their digital avatars. This customized avatar is a digital version of your personality. Use these avatars while chatting to give a more personal touch to chatting.

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pin chat
With the help of pin chat feature, users can pin their favorite chats on the instant messaging app. Android WhatsApp users can do this by tapping, chatting and pinning tabs. Whereas, iPhone users can swipe right to pin the chat and then tap on the pin option.

emoji reaction
These days it’s easier to react to a message with an emoji than just a thumbs up. It shows that you can express your feelings better through emoji.

status update
Users can share their status on WhatsApp. This feature allows users to share videos, text, sounds and GIFs. Your status is visible for 24 hours.

voice message
It is believed that voice messages work better for those people with whom you want to stay more connected. WhatsApp users can share a voice note with each other

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