Nagaur News: The student made such an alarm, the alarm will ring as soon as the children take their hands out of the window


Report – Krishna Kumar

Nagaur. Today we are going to tell about one such invention. Which can really save many lives. Because it is often seen that negligence is done by many people while traveling, due to which only they are harmed. Many times small children have to travel along with them, but due to lack of understanding, children take out their hands or mouths from the moving vehicle to reduce this carelessness, Urmi of Nagaur district has made an alerting alarm system.

Let us first tell you about Urmi

from your city (Nagaur)

Urmi Degana is a resident of Idwa village. He is studying in class 11 in Mahatma Gandhi Government School, Idwa. They have made alert ting system in just two days. Which are beneficial for vehicles.

Idea came after seeing the child during the journey

Urmi told that when she was traveling in a bus with her parents, she came across the idea of ​​making this alerting sensor after seeing a child who was putting his hand out of the window.

This is how alerting alarm was made

It took only two days to make this alerting sensor system. My mother contributed a lot in making it. Autocoupler, sensor chip, buzzer, register, microchip are used in this sensor. The specialty of this sensor is that it automatically connects to the human body.

sensor will work like this

This sensor is known as the alerting sensor system. This sensor will be installed on every window seat of the vehicle if a person is traveling on that seat. If he takes out his hand from the window of the vehicle during the journey or takes out any part of the human body, then the alerting system will get activated and send a message to the driver in the form of a barrage. Due to which the driver will come to know and the traveling passengers will be informed. This is how this system will work.

Urmi wants to patent it

Urmi told that she wants to patent this alerting sensor system. You can contact this student on 7790800805.

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