Twitter will stop product review of newsletter next year, writers will suffer big loss



Twitter will discontinue product reviews of its newsletter.
The company gave this information through its Twitter.
This facility will not be available from January 18 next year.

New Delhi. Micro-blogging site Twitter will discontinue the product review of its newsletter. Regarding this, Twitter said on Wednesday that it will discontinue its newsletter product review next year. Through this, Twitter tried to attract users who wanted to earn money from their followers. When launching the service, Twitter said that the premium features of Review would be free to all users and that it would reduce paid newsletter fees so that writers could earn more than the revenue they generate from subscriptions.

Twitter said in a post written for users that this has been a difficult decision for us, because we know that it is the basis of revenue for some users, and it is made up of people like you. The company further said that from January 18, 2023, it will not be possible to get access to your Revue account. On this date Revue will be closed and all data will be deleted.

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Work on increasing the character limit
Let us tell you that according to the app’s researchers Alessandro Palluzzi and Elon Musk, Twitter can now allow users to tweet 4,000 characters instead of 280. Currently the company is working on it.

Change in verification policy
Significantly, since the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk on October 27, the company has remained in the headlines. Earlier, soon after becoming the new owner of Twitter, Musk made many major changes in the company. In addition to firing old employees, Musk withdrew the permanent ban imposed by Twitter on the accounts of several users. Apart from this, he has also changed the verification policy of Twitter.

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