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We’ve all heard of the “so bad is good” phenomenon in movies and to a lesser extent in music, but did you know that there are video games that live up to that bill? Whether they’re a shoddy mess, simply released unfinished, completely missed the mark, or for some other reason based on a legendary premise: these games are so bad, you can’t help but love them. Bye!

Star Wars Episode I: Potracer

This game was similar to the Bourbons. The atmosphere was bland. The game has almost no characters. The pods looked average for the time. But boy oh boy have we played this game for hundreds of hours. Despite all its flaws, this is a classic game.

Spyro: Enter the Dragon

Oh, how can I say this. The second Spyro game was worse. It had all the things you’d expect from a platformer with classic early PS2 era controls. Yeah, this game is the biggest difficulty trying to actually play the game. Other than that, don’t really remember anything. The character designs were great, the voice-overs were terrible…but we all made it through, right?

Hedgehog shadow

Imagine running around with a sonic gun. And shooting things. We knew Shadow was supposed to be tough, but Jesus Christ they went above and beyond. If you don’t mind constantly wondering “why is this even a thing”, it’s still an amazing game.

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

If playing the worst racing game of all time sounds like your thing, look no further. Some of the cars have interesting sound design. You can basically clip everything on the map – you should. As you wonder how it passed QA and was allowed to release, the game is unparalleled in its ability to amaze you.

Link: Evil Faces

The entire CD-I Zelda series fits on this list, actually. Zelda was already a very popular franchise in the early 90’s, but the Legend of Zelda series for CD-I almost destroyed it. Indeed. The game was so bad that we all finished them for laughs, but they didn’t really do the franchise any favors. Weird cutscenes, bad gameplay, uninspired design, … you name it, this game had it.

Shock Fu

A game with Shaquille O’Neal, who was one of the most famous athletes on the planet. What could go wrong? Well, almost everything. While not the worst game you’ll find on the market, it showed the height of Shaq’s ego at the time.

Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness

After Lara Croft personally defined the adventure game genre, you’d think Tomb Raider games could do no wrong, but alas. The sixth installment of the series – as the title suggests – was so dark that it completely cut ties with the Tomb Raider series up to that point. It’s still a Tomb Raider game, and one of the more memorable of the older games because of the different story choices.

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