Latest Kannada Songs 2023 | Complete List of Kannada Songs Releases Full Video: Second OGM | Ghost Movie | Dr.Shivarajkumar | Anupam Kher | Jayaram | Sandesh | Srini Download

Latest Kannada Songs 2023 | Complete List of Kannada Songs Releases
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This action packed heist thriller, directed by Srini, tells the story of one man’s quest for justice. This apart the film offers a link to the second installment of “Birbal Trilogy”, the director’s awaited legal thriller. Powerhouse talents such as Dr Shivarajkumar, Anupam Kher, Jayaram, Prashanth Narayan, Archana Jois, Satyaprakash and Dattanna are part of the film’s main cast.
Arjun Jaya’s striking background scores and cinematographer Mahendra Simha’s captivating visuals promise to take the film a notch higher.
We now welcome you to the world of #GHOST. See you in the cinemas this Dasara.

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🎶 Music Slate 🎶
Composed and Arranged by Arjun Janya
Singer: Nishan Rai
Lyrics: Nishan Rai
Keys and Rhythm Programmed by Arjun Janya
Electric Guitars : David Selvam
Mixed and mastered by David Selvam at Berachah Studios Chennai
Vocals recorded at Om Shakthi Studio Bangalore

Lyrical video: Filmyjam
Team Lead : Milan K Manoj
Visual Effects Lead : Gagan Ajai
Creative Director & Conceptual Artist : Sharath Raam Prasad
Visual Effects Team : Gagan Ajai, Milan K Manoj, Akhil Eugine
Filmyjam Marketing Team : Abhishek KH , Sandesh Gowda

🎬Film Credits🎬
Production house: Sandesh Productions
Presented by: Sandesh Nagaraj (MLC)
Producer: Sandesh N
Story & Direction : Srini
Music: Arjun Janya
Cinematography: Mahendra Simha
Dialogues: Prasanna VM, Maasti
Action choreography : Chethan D’Souza, Venkat (Hyderabad) , Arjun Raaj, Mass Madha
Editing: Deepu S Kumar
Production Design: Mohan B Kere
VFX Supervision: Mohammad Abdi
VFX: Asoo Studios (Tehran)
Colorist: Karthik Ananth
Conformist: Varun Gowda R
DI Studio: Future Age studio
Sound Effects: Rajan
DTS Final Mixing: Manjari Studios
Post Production: PRK Studios
Co-Direction: Amoghavarsha, Prasanna V M
Direction Team: Kiran Jinkal, Srinivas HV and Manjunatha Gurumurthy
Aerial Visuals: Raj Mohan
Camera Team: Raju MS,Manu Prasad, Suresh, Nivas and AJ Gowda
Associate Editor: Mahesh K
Online Editing: Charan Kumar
Still Photographer: Srinidhi
Additional BGM Inputs: Agastya Raag
Costumes: Shantaram, Bharath Sagar (Shivarajkumar)
Makeup: Chidanand (Prosthetic); Hone Gowdru
Manager: Suresh K Mysore
Assistant Managers: Rakesh Rao, Karthik NK
Cashier:Prasad BN
Publicity Design: Kaani Studios
PROs: Venkatesh and BA Raju & Team
Digital PROs: Sebetina Reddy, Satish In-film branding: Archana Dinesh
Marketing: Shruti iL, Santosh Nandakumar, Nisha Kumar, Raghavan Laxman
Digital Marketing: SIL Studios
VFX Studio: Filmyjam
Music video edit and SFX : Sharath Raam Prasad
Filmyjam Marketing Team: Abhishek Kh, Sandesh Gowda

Music Label: T-Series
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