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Presenting the official trailer of the gripping and intense movie “13”! Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride as the story, screenplay, and direction by K Narendra Baboo unfold before your eyes. This incredible production is brought to you by producers K. Sampath Kumar, Manjunath Gowda, Manjunath H.S, and Keshava Murthy. Immerse yourself in the powerful emotions and captivating storyline, enhanced by the mesmerizing music composed by Shogun Babu. Get ready for an unforgettable cinematic experience. Watch the official trailer of “13” now and prepare to be amazed! for more !

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Star Cast : Raghavendra Rajkumar , Shruthi.
Story – Screenplay – Direction : K Narenndra Baboo
Producers : K.Sampath Kumar, Manjunath Gowda,
Manjunath H.S, Keshava Murthy. C
Co-Producers : L Shakuntala, Asha Manjunath,
Chethana Manjunath, Deepa
DOP : Ajaymanju Naidu (Mumbai)
Editor : K Girish Kumar
Teaser Cut : Kabishnath.S
Music : Shogun Babu
Co-Director : Lakshmi Dinesh
Dialogues : K.S Jayasimha
Choreography : Madan Harini, Sasikumar
Art Director : Kanaka
Sound Design & Mix : Thomas Kurian
VFX & Di Effects & Logics
Lyrics : Lakshmi Dinesh, Santhosh Naik, Kinnal Raj
PRO : Nagendra
Costumes : Vijay Kumar
Costume Designer : Syeeda Zenia
Assistant Directors : Darshan.Y, Mohan, Venu, Siddhu Kodipura
Location In-Charge : Ashwin Gowda
Stills : Harish
Designs : Avis
Music On : A2 Music

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