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In a world where conformity is the easy way out, it’s refreshing to see families breaking the mold. Taking into account that even the most ordinary family can be very unique, a family in which a man marries 30 women and has a total of 100 children can be said to be a family of Indian albinos. There will be a pain. Each family on this list has faced their own challenges and obstacles, but they have found strength and resilience in their uniqueness.

1. The largest albino family

Rosseturi, head of the Bullen family, his wife Mani, their children and grandchildren all say they are very proud of their skin color. However, at the same time, it becomes a problem when they go to the dentist or shop at the mall. Bullen family migrated to Delhi. They are laughed at, scared, ignored, and for no other reason than their skin color. In addition, being albinos, their skin has no protection against UV rays and burns quickly, so they should not go out on a hot day. As a result, the life of this family in India is very complicated as it is very hot and sunny throughout the year. It is a good thing to see one’s condition as a gift from God and to take great pleasure in being special.

2. A family of dwarves

Friends call Trent and Amber Johnston “the Brad and Angelina of little people,” and like the famous Hollywood family, these two have adopted children from all over the world. Their son Alex is from South Korea and their daughters Anna and Emma are from Siberia and China respectively. Together with two children, the Johnston family consists of seven members and is the largest dwarf family in the world. All family members were diagnosed with achondroplasia, a disease that causes joint shrinkage, but they are more famous in America because they are all stars of their own reality shows.

3. Hairy family

All members of the Aceves family are diagnosed with the same disease – hypertrichosis. Periyamma was the first person to develop this condition in this family 80 years ago. Hypertrichosis was then passed on to his son Jesus and his children and relatives. As a result, more than 30 members of the Aceves family are now living with this rare disease. All three daughters of Jesus, born to completely different women, had hypertrichosis.

4. Large family

This Indian family from the state of Mizoram is considered to be the largest on our planet. Cheon Chan, the head of this enormous family, married 39 women and collectively had at least 94 children. A man and his 39 wives live together in a big 4 story house. Although Zion is already a grandfather and has 33 grandchildren, he still feels young and energetic. A few years ago, he planned to get married again, which means that by this time, he might have more than 100 children!

5. The tallest family

The Trapp family of Minnesota has officially become the tallest family in the world. The youngest member of the Traps, 25-year-old Adam, is surprisingly the tallest of the bunch, measuring 7’3”. According to Guinness World Records representatives, their average height was measured at 6 feet, 8.03 inches.

6. World’s oldest mother

In 2008, India-based Rajo Devi Logan became a mother at the age of 70. It would be a big deal even if it wasn’t her first child, but taking that fact into account, it’s hardly a miracle! It was a unique case, she gave birth without any complications and her daughter came into this world very healthy.

7. A family of 14 sons

Until 2020, the Schwand family from Michigan was known as the “Boys Only Zone”. Kateri and Jai have been married for over 20 years and in that time, they have had 14 children, all of them boys. It took the Schwandts 15 tries to finally add pink to their home, and they finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Maggie Jayne.

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