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Polish actress-slash-model Laluna Unique, Kadarzyna Alexander, will celebrate her 40th birthday this October, but her looks tell a completely different story.

She rose to fame after joining the cast of the reality TV show “Queens of Life” in 2016. Viewers saw Laluna for the first time when she returned from Turkey, where she underwent buttock augmentation surgery. Since then, he has been one of the most popular characters on the show. With her black hair, full lips, large breasts and a large bottom, the actress was often called the Polish Kim Kardashian. Like Kim K, the new star takes great care of her body as a professional lingerie and tattoo model.

Laluna loves her inks and you can tell just by looking at her. A large tattoo with a cross on his neck is always the first thing you notice, for example, you can see the ink covering his right leg and thigh completely. Laluna does not hide her love for expensive cars, fancy clothes and fancy accessories, nor does she hide her love for younger men.

In the last season of the show, Katarzyna focused on improving her body and improving her mixed martial arts skills. Thanks to that hard work, Laluna was called up to MMA. In an interview with RealnewsPL, he insisted that his passion for martial arts is not a new thing, but it is not enough for him.

According to some people, Laluna’s highly invasive beauty-enhancing procedures are terrifying because with each surgery she looks like a real man, the model flouts these comments and proudly compares herself to the fact that she is indeed “beautiful.” For barbie doll.

Laluna calls Turkey her “second home,” flying there to have her favorite plastic surgeons work on her body. Over the past few years, the model has undergone several procedures that have left her looking completely different from her former self. He proved it with an old photo in 2006, and the difference is shocking.

As expected, the aspiring celebrity looked like a regular girl you wouldn’t recognize on the street today. During a conversation with her followers, Laluna also revealed a long list of plastic surgeries she has undergone to shine on television today and stand out from the crowd.

To name a few, she had leg, arm and back suction procedures; Cat Eye Enhancement; eyebrow lift; chin lift; A bit of rhinoplasty to make the tip of the nose a little more upturned; chin liposuction; And, of course, the holy trinity of plastic surgery – breast, buttock and lip implants.

According to these old photos, Katharshina’s teeth have also been worked on, and not long ago, Laluna reported another trip to the “second home” where she underwent another rhinoplasty and “fox eyes” procedure. and surgical interventions.

Despite everything, it looks like the long road to her dream body isn’t over yet as the celebrity has been posting clips on social media with her new “improvements”. At this time Turkish specialists worked with the “queen” face. Videos recorded days after the surgery show her dreamy appearance full of sacrifice and pain.

Hope it was worth all the trouble.

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