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Like every business that involves customer service of any kind, hotels have a few nasty skeletons in their seemingly spotless closets. These dirty secrets range from bed bugs to dirty glasses and maids wearing your expensive underwear.

It’s time these bad practices are exposed!

1. Putting meat in your vegetarian diet.

Oh, you’re a vegetarian and want the hotel kitchen to serve you vegetarian food? You are better off eating at a decent restaurant or buying vegetarian snacks at the grocery store. Even if hotel food looks good, it’s usually cooked with eggs, chicken stock, and all the ingredients you don’t want at dinner.

2. Bed bugs.

Unlike cockroaches, which are annoying and definitely unsanitary, bed bugs are small enough to bite and hide in your clothes. What’s worse is that almost all hotels, regardless of star rating, have dealt with these nasty bugs at some point, and you’re never 100% sure that the problem has been resolved. Paranoia is the most striking.

3. Protect your fancy clothes, jewelry and accessories.

It may not be a widespread phenomenon, but some waitresses have volunteered to dress up in customers’ fancy clothes. Moreover, guests and managers are caught red-handed. It’s not really a crime if maids do this, but it’s a small step.

4. Dirty glasses.

Whenever you find some empty, clean-looking glasses in your hotel room, you have to resist the urge to drink them. Hotel staff often wipe the glasses with the same cloth or cloth used to clean the bathroom.

5. Who sleeps in your bed?

Imagine you’ve been cleaning people’s rooms for hours, and now you’re too tired to stand up straight. You see a clean, comfortable bed. what are you doing? Well, apparently, janitors sometimes take a nap even if they don’t want to.

6. Someone uses the toilet in your room.

Did you really think the janitors would keep “it” while mopping up your mess? Of course not! The big question is: do they do it before or after they clean the bathroom? Or maybe both.

7. Did someone kick your bags when you weren’t looking?

One of the hotel staff said on Reddit that if you leave your bags at the reception desk, they will be thrown into a small room and handled very badly. Small luggage is often kicked around, and large suitcases are used as chairs.

8. Never use the hair dryers that come with your room.

The amount of bacteria found in hotel hair dryers is staggering! No one cleans these devices. Can you imagine how many people might have sneezed on you before using that dryer and what kind of diseases they might have contracted? The mind is disturbed. Use everything the hotel gives you with little paranoia.

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