WhatsApp Trick: Stuck in work and hands are not empty, you can read WhatsApp messages even without touching the phone, we tell you how



There are such tricks of WhatsApp, which people do not know about.
With the help of this trick, you can read the message without opening it.
Users using the widget can use it easily.

New Delhi. WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging platform in the world. There are many hidden features in the app. Apart from this, there are some such tricks, about which many people are not aware. Today we are going to tell you about one such trick. With the help of this trick, you can read WhatsApp messages without opening the messaging app. Of course, you can read your WhatsApp messages in the notification panel, but the panel doesn’t show long messages in full. In such a situation, many times you are not in a position to open WhatsApp and read the message.

If you also often miss reading messages by opening WhatsApp, then this trick can be useful for you. This trick is very simple and people who know how to use widget can easily use it. Let us now tell you how you can read your WhatsApp messages without opening the messaging app.

How to read message without opening WhatsApp?
Step 1: Android phone users will first have to long press on the home page of the screen.
Step 2: Now tap on Widgets and your smartphone will be displayed on the screen with all the widgets.
Step 3: Scroll down till you find the WhatsApp widget.
Step 4: Just tap on the WhatsApp widget and it will be added to your homepage. Now you can long press on the widget and drag it to the right until you get a clean homepage screen interface.
Step 5: Now tap on the Done button. Long press the widget and shift it to the top. Then you will get the option to expand the widget and you can extend it to full screen. This will make it easy to read the full message.

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Latest message will be on top
Once you have successfully setup the WhatsApp widget on any one homepage, you just need to scroll down to read all the messages. Can be aligned according to the chat in the message app. The latest message will be on top and all the previous messages which you have not read will appear below it.

keep these things in mind
It is worth mentioning that if you are using this trick, then you have to avoid tapping on any message in the widget, as this will open the chat on WhatsApp and the platform will show that the message has been read by the receiver.

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