Water Sprinkler Fan: This fan will discharge AC, will shower water, the heat will go away


To avoid the heat, many people have started buying ACs and coolers.
Using AC and cooler increases the electricity bill.
You can buy Water Sprinkler Fan to avoid heat.

New Delhi. Winter is going to end in a few days and then summer season will come. To avoid the heat, many people have started buying ACs and coolers. Apart from this, some are also getting their ACs and coolers serviced. However, using them is heavy on your pocket. Running AC and cooler in summer can also increase the electricity bill. However, today we are going to tell you about such a fan, which will give coolness like AC without spending less electricity.

Please tell that this fan is different from common table fan or ceiling fan. This fan sprays water and at the same time gives cool air. This fan is called Water Sprinkler Fan. Water sprinkler fan gives you cool breeze by combining wind and water splash.

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At present, there are many types of water sprinkler fans available in the market. Some are small in size, while some are big. Some are cheap, some are expensive. But DIY Crafts Fan will be best for you. The DIY Crafts Fan costs Rs.6,875, but you can buy it from Amazon for just Rs.1,375. 80% discount is being given on this fan. Seven of the fan you will also find pipe, tap connector.

cools hot air
All this fan cools the hot air by spraying water. You can easily use it both inside or outside the house.

Fan connects to water tap
Now you must be wondering how you can use it. Please tell that there are small holes in the fan, due to which it sprays water. This fan is connected to the water tap for water. As soon as you turn on the fan after turning on the water tap, it will blow strong wind with a splash of water. You can adjust the fan speed according to yourself.

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