‘Vadh’ FILM REVIEW: ‘Vadh’ is a film without theatrics


‘Vadh’ FILM REVIEW: Sometimes a well-tuned script is born. While writing, perhaps it is not possible to think so closely and especially if you are directing the film, then it is possible that the story may be inclined to one side or while shooting, you may go beyond the script by getting carried away with emotions. Shoot something too. In December 2022, in a few selected theaters and now in February 2023, the film “Vadh” released on Netflix will definitely be kept in those films where not a single scene is unnecessary, but it seems that if there were a few more scenes, how much more fun it would have been. Vadh is a wonderful cinema. Straightforward, truthful, simple, touching and outspoken. This type of cinema must be seen because this type of cinema is rarely seen in Hindi films.

While watching Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, the feeling came to mind that this film should be made into a web series, or more parts of this series should be made so that this film continues, the story continues to progress, but watching the film Stay ‘Vadh’ has been written and made so well that the film ends but the mind does not agree. It seems that this character should do more. Revenge should be taken from the world but the writer duo Jaspal Singh Sandhu and Rajeev Baranwal must have written, edited, re-written their first feature film at least a dozen times by my estimation and erased all evidence of “filminess” until Not given, kept improving and writing this story again and again. What a wonderful writing, what an amazing direction and what an amazing acting. Separate salute to cinematography and editing because not a single scene of this film stings the eyes and not a single scene is removed from the leak or forcibly inserted.

Sanjay Mishra and Neena Gupta are husband and wife. Lives in Gwalior. are poor. To send his son abroad, he took a loan of barely 10 lakhs from the bank and a loan of 15 lakhs from a local goon. The son settled there, got married and is constantly busy trying to get rid of his old life. He is troubled by the skype calls of his parents. A local goon keeps coming to Mishra ji’s house on the pretext of extortion and uses his house as a hotel. A man who is under debt, always remains under pressure from a goon. This cycle continues until this goon does not cast an evil eye on Mishra ji’s 12-13 years old student and beloved girl like daughter. Sanjay Mishra kills him, chops the body into pieces and throws it in a bore and the next day takes petrol and burns it. Good man Mishraji, even collects his bones because even a goon is a Pandey. The police gets suspicious, but Mishra ji shows his intelligence and not only escapes from the charge of this murder. Rather, they give their house to the father of that little girl and go somewhere else.

Sanjay Mishra is Angar. It has always become a habit to see him in sloppy and comedy roles, but even after doing 3-4 comedy films, suddenly he does an amazing serious film. Looks like they are washing away their sins of sloppy roles. Even anger cannot come properly in the eyes of a very scared, crushed person. When Sanjay finally cleverly gets rid of his debt and traps the boss of the goon who gave the loan and sends him to jail, even then his face does not show a smile. This is also indicative of the fact that we are not able to use Sanjay Mishra properly, but what to do, he speaks with the same conviction as Dhondu Chill, with which he kills a goon with a screwdriver in a slaughter. If you want to see Sanjay Mishra’s acting ability, then see his work in Bunty Aur Babli and Company. Neena Gupta is with him. In the last 2-3 years, Neena has left no stone unturned to prove that if most of the Hindi film viewers start thinking beyond the stereotype, actresses like her exist. In a house where there is no mention of meat and fish, a goon brings a bottle of liquor, a prostitute and roasted chicken to the drawing room of that house. Nina’s face is worth reading. Neena Gupta is an amazing actress, even though her role is small, she rocks the screen. The character of Manav Vij is not developed properly. I do not understand the inner conflict within him. Saurabh Sachdev is stormy. The rest of the actors have small roles.

The writer and director duo deserve praise for this film. From getting a small story into a screenplay of about two and a half hours, it is a difficult task to keep the audience tied to that screenplay, but they have done it. There are many scenes in the film where one can envy the writer’s and director’s penchant for paying attention to small details, except for the song Karpoor Gauram by Neena Gupta. She sings only the first line at the time of worship, the next lines don’t come at all. There are also abuses in the film. That’s why it may be inconvenient to see with the family, but such a bitter medicine can be given just like that. Look, right away.

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