Twitter introduced 4000 character limit option, users enjoyed, shared funny posts


Twitter Blue subscribers will get 4,000 character limit
Twitter has given the feature to US Twitter Blue subscribers
Twitter charges $8 per month for Blue service in the US

New Delhi. Twitter has made a new feature available to Twitter Blue subscribers in the US. This is a new feature with long tweets. Now such users can tweet with 4,000 character limit. However, it seems that the users did not like the feature. Because, on this the users put a flurry of memes. In the US, Twitter Blue service will have to pay $ 8 every month.

The day Twitter introduced the 4,000 character feature on the platform. At that time thousands of users were facing difficulty in using the app. Many people were not able to tweet. Also, were not able to follow the accounts and were not able to send direct messages as well.

Then Twitter had said that it is trying to solve this problem. Also, with a long tweet of its own, the company introduced this new feature and wrote that do you need more than 280 characters to express yourself. We know that many of you need this.

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