PTZ CCTV Camera runs without electricity, 4G speed is available, thieves will be free



PTZ CCTV Camera monitors your home.
It can also be used for the protection of farms and farm houses.
PTZ CCTV does not require electricity.

New Delhi. Nowadays, incidents of theft and crime at home are increasing rapidly. That’s why people are definitely getting CCTV cameras installed for the security of their homes, offices, shops etc. CCTV camera monitors your house and shop completely, so that you get alerted before the crime happens, but many times CCTV cameras become breathless due to lack of electricity. However, PTZ CCTV Camera can solve this problem of yours. Actually, this camera works without electricity with the help of solar energy.

If you are also planning to install CCTV cameras in your home, then this is another great opportunity for you. You can get it installed in your shop, house or office. Apart from this, you can also use this CCTV camera for the security of your fields and farm house. By getting this installed, you can get rid of the damage caused by thieves. Please tell that there are many PTZ CCTV cameras available in the market at this time. The price of this CCTV camera starts from Rs.10000.

360 degree view
This CCTV camera is equipped with many great features. This CCTV camera runs on solar energy. Hence it does not require electricity. Apart from this, this camera comes with 360 degree view. With its help, you can easily monitor around the house.

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4G sim support
Not only this, the CCTV supports 4G SIM, so that you can watch the camera footage online. This camera can record video in color vision even at night, apart from this you can zoom it up to 10x.

64GB memory card
If you don’t have internet, you can also connect it from local IP. In this, you also get the support of 64GB memory card, in which one month’s video recording can be saved.

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