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ChatGPT is a popular AI tool.
However, ChatGPT also has some drawbacks.
Learn ChatGPT Alternatives here.

New Delhi. The Natural Language Processing (NLP) space has made a lot of progress over the years. OpenAI’s ChatGPT-3 is one such model that has received a lot of attention. ChatGPT has been trained with a large amount of online text to respond like a human. OpenAI has introduced two models of this. These are paid and unpaid ones.

Unpaid version sometimes fails to respond due to high traffic. At the same time, no blackout is available in the paid version. Along with this, the response is also available very fast here. Its cost is $42 for a month. By the way ChatGPT is quite popular. Still it has some drawbacks of its own. Like it cannot generate real time data. It has been given training till the year 2021 only. Voice command is not accepted in this. Also, the free model is often in heavy traffic.

In such a situation, you must know about the alternatives of ChatGPT. Let’s know about them.

Chat Sonic: ChatSonic, developed by Writesonic, is a conversational AI chatbot. It has been designed for multi-turn dialogue. This is the top alternative to ChatGPT. It gives up to date and relevant information. Apart from conversational response, it also generates images like Dall-E.

YouChat: YouChat to You[dot]com has developed and it is a conversational chatbot like ChatGPT. It uses AI and NLP to interact like a human. It does things like writing code and composing e-mails.

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Character AI: According to its website, it uses neural language model. This model is useful in applications like auto completion and machine translation.

Jasper: This is a popular AI writing tool. This is fine for such businesses, which generate high quality content rapidly. It restructures content creation with advanced technology. So that it can give better results.

Google Bard: This is LaMDA based Google’s new AI tool. Google has introduced it in comparison to ChatGPT. However, it is currently available for testers. It can be made public in the coming days.

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