Nagaur News: Now smart meter will be installed in Nagaur also, will be able to operate from mobile, know how


Report- Krishna Kumar

Nagaur. Now in place of old meter in your house, shop and office, electricity will be supplied through smart meter. Under the RDSS scheme, 5.22 lakh smart meters will be installed in the district. After 3 months to 4 years all old meters will be replaced.

These smart meters will be operated from mobile app and will update data 96 times in 24 hours. Means the consumer will be able to see the reading of electricity consumption every hour from the app. If the electrical equipment is left on at home, office or shop, then the power supply can be switched on and off at any time through the smart meter from the app.

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What is the specialty of smart meter

Unnecessary consumption of electricity in your home, office, shop can be stopped through smart meters. There are four specialties of this smart meter.

1- Consumption will be updated four times in mobile every hour- After installation of smart meter, if you have forgotten to switch off fans, tubelights, AC, cooler and other equipment at home, shop, office, factory, then an alert will come on your mobile. If you want, you can turn on or turn off the power supply from the mobile itself through the app.

2 – Power will automatically be cut on excess consumption – Tependra told that if a consumer wants to consume more power than the approved load, then the smart meter will automatically stop the power supply, as well as if more than 10,000 bills are outstanding for 5-6 months Their electricity connection will be cut automatically.

3- Will be able to convert electricity supply to postpaid or prepaid- If any consumer wants electricity from smart meter through mobile app, then it can be converted to postpaid means corporation will send bill on reading. If you want, you will be able to convert to prepaid, that means you will be able to spend electricity only after recharging.

4- Incorrect and arbitrary readings will stop – To provide relief to the consumer from the problem of error in reading i.e. after installation of smart meter in the survey district, complaints of wrong reading meter speeding up and tampering will end.

Nagaur TA Tependra Budiya told that after the installation of this smart meter, the problem of electricity theft will almost end.

app coming soon

Where smart meters have been installed now or are going to be installed after 3 months, the app will be released soon to be operated by those consumers. Registration will have to be done in the app with meter and seam number. After completing some process, the meter will be connected to the online mobile app. Till now, in the first phase in Nagaur, 20000 smart meters have been installed as trials in Kuchaman Parbatsar, Nawan, Makrana.

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