Nagaur News : Government school student made amazing, made foldable wheelchair


Report – Krishna Kumar
Nagaur. Today we are going to tell about such a wheel chair, which has filled new hope in the lives of disabled people. Because a person can walk, move around through this chair. Because this chair is used in two ways. Everyone is surprised by the invention of this wheelchair. It took the student 15 days to make this wheel chair.

Student made amazing foldable wheelchair

Nitesh is studying in Government Higher Secondary School of Mithadi village of Nagaur. This student is of class 9th. With his invention, he has raised the hope of walking and roaming around for the handicapped people.
Wheelchair made after seeing the disabled trapped

Nitesh told that he was inspired to make a foldable wheelchair after seeing a disabled person trapped in the net of the gate in the hospital. Because normal wheelchair cannot be folded. After this, after coming home, I made a diagram of a foldable wheelchair and started working on this chair.

This chair was made in only 1500 rupees
Nitesh told that Rs 1500 was spent in making this wheelchair. Iron and tires have been used in this wheelchair. There is a slight difference between an ordinary wheelchair and a foldable wheelchair. Because ordinary wheelchairs cannot be taken anywhere, but this foldable wheelchair can be easily carried anywhere and disabled people can walk through this wheelchair.

Student honored for this invention

For the invention of this foldable wheelchair by Nitesh, Nagaur’s Ratan Behan Vidyalaya has also been honored. At the same time, the villagers and teachers have also honored in the village school.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : February 06, 2023, 12:58 IST


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