Human buying and selling happens on this app, more than 5 lakh people use it, posts are posted for slaves


Humans are being sold on Saudi Arabia’s online shopping app.
Saudi Arabia’s Haraj is sold to people on the app.
Haraj is one of the most famous shopping app in Saudi Arabia.

New Delhi. Humans are being sold on Saudi Arabia’s online shopping app. At present, there are many such apps on Google’s Play Store, on which foreign workers are being sold. One of these is Haraj online shopping apps of Saudi Arabia, which is being used to buy and sell human beings. Human trafficking is shocking in the 21st century, but the question is how can it be stopped and who will stop it? The United Nations has already criticized the online shopping of humans. Despite this, slaves are being bought and sold openly on the app.

Significantly, the Haraj app is used by more than 5 lakh people every day. This is one of the biggest apps in Saudi Arabia. All types of new and old goods are bought and sold on this app. Recently, information has come to light that humans are also included in the goods available on this app.

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According to a Times report, Saudi citizens post dozens of such posts every day, in which humans are bought or sold. According to the information, women doing daily domestic work on the Haraj app are sold or hired to foreign workers for cleaners and drivers etc.

kafala system
Explain that people going to Saudi in search of work from countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh do not have equal civil rights. These people can work there only as long as a Saudi citizen takes their legal responsibility. This system is called Kafala and the legal guardian of the laborer is called Kafeel.

Treating laborers like slaves
This Kafeel gives contracts to foreign workers on the terms of their choice. In such a situation, people going to Saudi from abroad also post on the Haraj app for work. These laborers, who are sold like a commodity like a Saudi citizen, are sometimes treated like slaves. Many Kafeels confiscate his passport and also beat him up.

illegal to sell humans
It is worth noting that Kafala is recognized by law in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Jordan. However, selling humans in this way is illegal. In 2020, the UN had termed the app promoting slavery. Despite this, the work of selling humans on this is going on.

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