hazard! Dangerous virus is found in these 12 apps, delete them immediately from the phone, millions of people have downloaded



Fake apps were giving reward points to the user for daily walk and exercise.
There are also such apps in the list of dangerous apps which have been downloaded by more than 50 lakh users.
The apps were targeting the users and forcing them for paid service.

The use of smartphones has increased rapidly, and to improve the experience, people download some new apps every day. But many users would know that we should be careful while downloading any app. That is because if the fake app is installed in the phone, then your data may be at risk. Meanwhile, information has also been received about some fake apps. Dr Web’s cyber security expert has told about 12 dangerous apps. The scary thing is that even before these apps were detected, millions of people had downloaded them.

At present, they have been removed from the Google Play Store. The removed apps were presented as fitness, gaming apps and tricked users into clicking on links that lead to fake websites. According to cyber security, some of these apps were also such that they were also very popular. He had also been downloaded by more than 50 lakh users around the world.

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Some of the fake apps were such that they were giving reward points to the user for walking and exercising daily. After this, when the users tried to redeem their points, they used to force them to watch a lot of advertisements. Google has removed two such apps from the Play Store. While one is still on the Google Play Store. Some such fake apps and trojans were also present which were targeting the user and forcing them for paid service.

These apps have been removed from the Google Play Store.
The apps that have been removed from the Play Store include Golden Hunt, Reflector, Fitstar, Seven Golden Wolf, BlackJack, Unlimited Score, Big Decisions, Jewel Sea, Lux Fruits Game, Lucky Clover, and King Blitz.

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Before downloading, keep these things in mind:-
When you download an app, always check the rating and reviews of that app. Try to download the same app which is made by trusted developer. Do not download apps from unknown sources other than Play Store. Avoid installing unknown apps.

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