FIR No-208 Review: The whole jail used to dictate a prisoner, this story of crimes will shock you, News18 India’s web series is special


News18 India FIR No-208 Review: News18 India has added a new chapter in the history of TV news channels. On Friday, News18 India narrated the story of Mahathug Sukesh Chandrasekhar in its web series ‘FIR No. 208’ released on YouTube. Often, films made on true events, in the name of ‘creative liberty’, serve thoughts along with facts. This web series systematically investigates the game of fraud played by Sukesh while sitting in barrack number 2 of Tihar Jail. The beauty with which News18 India’s Managing Editor Kishore Ajwani has presented this series is worth watching. Testimonies ranging from News18 India reporters to senior police officers are seen in this web series. This web series of 5 episodes can be viewed on the YouTube channel of News18 India.

Talking about the content of this series, the entire journey from Sukesh’s involvement in the heist started in the jail till he became a history-sheeter has been shown in this web series. These episodes are divided into episodes titled ‘Vasuli’, ‘Range Haath’, ‘Historysheet’, Rajawadi and Do Patti. A news channel has made the first attempt to make a web series and this is also the most interesting thing about this series. Those stories have been told in the series, which happened in front of these eyewitnesses. The narrators of the story are the same people, who have been eyewitnesses to these exploits of this great thug.

News18 India’s Managing Editor Kishore Ajwani is seen connecting all these episodes as anchor, whose story-telling connects you with this series from the very first episode. Often we have seen that the facilitators presenting crime thrillers are a bit dramatic, try to make things look more sinister. But host Kishore Ajwani has presented this crime as a ‘crime’ and it is a lot of fun to watch. In this series, there is the story of such a vicious accused, who is accused in 32 cases, but till date not a single charge has been proved against him. This boy named Sukesh Chandrasekhar used to execute his fraud through call-spoofing. In the first episode, it has been told through the real story of serial police officers and reporters, how suspicion arose against it and it was noticed.

In the second episode, there is a story of this vicious criminal being caught red-handed. Imagine, this person used to cheat people by calling people from London numbers while sitting in jail. We have seen the crime stories of Sukash Chandrasekhar alias Sukesh Chandrasekhar on channels before, read in newspapers. But in this web series, the web of deception created by it and those crimes have been shown, which have not yet come in the public domain. Even before being caught by the police in 2022, this swindler has cheated people of crores of rupees. It is a lot of fun to watch this entire series, because you get to hear many unheard facts of this story. In the third episode, there are stories ranging from the employee working in Sukesh’s company to the police officer who caught Sukesh’s cheating business. Along with this, through many stories and stories, the mentality of this criminal, the methods of his crime, etc. have been brought to the audience in a wonderful way.

Watch the first episode of this series here.

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This web series is a great experiment in itself, in which this thrilling story of the world of crime has been shown in a tremendous way.

Click Here To Watch Web-Series ‘FIR No. 208’
Episode 1 – Recovery
Episode 2 – Red Handed
Episode 3 – Historysheet
Episode 4 – Rajawadi
Episode 5 – Do Patti

If you like watching crime-thriller series, then you must watch this web series. 4.5 stars to this web series.

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