‘Class’ Web Series Review: Which ‘Class’ is this, which school is this?


‘Class’ Web Series Review: Guilty Pleasure is the name of such a calamity due to which great scholars and priests of morality have had to wash their hands of their clean image. This is exactly the same as a clean politician having relations with more than one woman or a film artist having friendly relations with the underworld. We take great pleasure in peeping into the lives of others, even if we have sackcloth curtains in our house. The discussion of a recently released series ‘Class’ on Netflix is ​​gaining momentum. This web series, made with the main characters of school children, not only peeps into the lives of very rich people, but also works to almost glorify free sex, pre-marital sex, extra-marital sex, drugs, alcohol and violent behavior or language. does. Everyone knows that this type of content should not be seen but what to do Guilty Pleasure.

Class is the Hindi adaptation of the web series, Spanish series ‘Elite’ and is also an alarm bell for the audience. This bell is because the environment which is shown in this series, common man or middle class families may feel that this environment happens and their children will get spoiled in it, but they will not be able to do anything to stop it.

This kind of story or this kind of incident/accident can happen only in imaginations, hence many liberties have been taken. The story revolves around three poor children studying in a government school in Noorpur Khatola – Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki (Piyush Khati), Saba Manzoor (Madhyama Sehgal) and Balli Sehrawat (Kawai Singh). Their school building is set on fire and then in the name of compensation, they are given free admission in Hampton International, the biggest and most expensive school in Delhi.

The children of the biggest nobles of Delhi study in this school. It is impossible to teach these children of very high and very low class together. The builder who set the school of these poor children on fire, his children also study in the class of these poor children. The story of mutual struggle between these two types of children is shown throughout the series but in this the series ends with the death of the rebellious daughter of the builder and the police interrogating everyone. There were 6 seasons of Elite, so it is expected that 6 seasons of Class will also come.

Firstly, this story cannot happen in India, so the audience should see it as a fantasy. In which city are the schools of the type envisioned (Hampton International) located? Chauffeur driven car comes to drop boys and girls to school. He also has a personal bodyguard with someone. Some are having car sex in the school parking lot, some want a third partner in their bed, some are asking their boyfriend to make a sex tape by tricking another girl. Strippers come to mother’s birthday party and father doesn’t mind even burning the poor’s school for his business. Where does this happen? Which school is this? Which class is this? Where do these people come from?

By the way, every year a magazine conducts a “Sex Survey” in which the sexual desires, fantasies and habits of selected people of about a dozen cities of India are known through ludicrous questions. Many times it seemed that all this also happens in India, but now there is no disgust or surprise about it. By watching foreign content and porn films, mental perversions have made a home in people’s mind. But all this is happening in the school, it is disgusting to see.

The story, screenplay and dialogues are very strong. Since the story is from the original Spanish series, the screenplay and dialogues are completely Indian. The work of the Writers Guild can be called wonderful. Poor students throw a rave party, where their rich classmates move into an old building in an old slum. Alcohol, opium, ganja and drugs are freely available or sold in this poor rave party.

Two students even have sex in the bad bathroom of this building. Poor students get invite in the party of rich, then rich friends buy clothes of poor friends with their money. Rich friends drink alcohol like water and poor friends are nothing but surprised to see such a big house. Poor students are not uncomfortable in the house of rich students, but also get down in their swimming pool. Means anything is happening? Who are these people, which school is this, what kind of economic divide is this which is there but has never been seen or heard.

Let’s talk about acting, everyone’s acting is good. Anjali Sivaraman has been seen in one or two series before. Her work in this series is fine, a drug addict girl rebelling against her capitalist father and socialite mother. Piyush Khati has previously appeared in a film called Extraction. Rest almost all the artists are new or their old work is nothing special. Surprised to see Ritu Shivpuri. The roles of Kabir Sadanand and Ketan Singh were made very small and insignificant. Vijay Kumar Dogra and Neeraj Khetrapal are very believable in the role of policemen.

Don’t know what the director community and the audience must have expected from Ashim Ahluwalia when he directed a shocking film like Miss Lovely. Miss Lovely was a new kind of signature on the page of Hindi cinema. Then after some time came the film Daddy made on the life of Arun Gawli. Ashim tried to go a bit mainstream, although the story of Daddy was so dark that the audience found it to be an art film. Then suddenly Ashim gets an opportunity to make an Indian version of Elite for Netflix and we see a side of Ashim that we had not even imagined. Ashim has appeared comfortable in the entire series, although some episodes have been directed by Gul Dharmani and Kabir Mehta but the director of the series is Ashim.

But this series should actually be named after some people who normally don’t get credit. Casting (Sanjeev Maurya). Production Design (Swapnil Bhalerao, Madhur Mahajan). Set Decoration (Divya Jain). Costume (Luvdeep Gulyani). These names will rarely be shown prominently, but the contribution of these people in making the class elite level and Indianizing it is more than that of the actors. Class is not worth watching, because sex, indecent language, crime, have been shown more than necessary and glorified, but if you ever get a chance to see, then try to see the works of these unsung heroes. Will watch carefully and appreciate. The school of the class is not known, the class of the class will definitely be heavy for the general audience. Be careful and see.

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