Amazing! You can also read deleted messages on WhatsApp, very few people know this trick



When someone deletes a message on WhatsApp, ‘Delete for Everyone’ is written.
Downloading third-party apps to read deleted messages can be risky
Deleted messages can be read by WhatsApp Backup.

Everyone uses WhatsApp nowadays. The one who has a smartphone, definitely has WhatsApp on his phone. WhatsApp introduces new features every day to improve the chatting experience of its users, but sometimes it lacks some features. WhatsApp introduced the Delete for Everyone feature a few years ago. This feature has saved people from embarrassment many times. Under this feature, the message sent by mistake can be deleted from the chat within 2 days and 12 hours.

But many times after knowing that someone has deleted the message, there is restlessness as to what would have been written in that message. There is no official feature regarding this on WhatsApp, but yes, there are some tricks by which deleted messages can be read.

There are many third-party applications on the Play Store / App Store that claim to recover deleted messages, but it is worth noting that these third-party apps are prone to data theft, malware, and unauthorized access to the device. come with risks.

Another option is to back up messages from WhatsApp Backup. But there is a lot of frills in this process. For Android 11 users, checking the notification history in the device’s settings can be an easy and safe way to view deleted WhatsApp messages.

How to read deleted messages from WhatsApp backup?
1) Go to WhatsApp Settings. Then select chat from here. After this you will get the option of chat backup.
2) Find here the old backup which contains the deleted messages.

Note: This process can be a bit troublesome.

How to access WhatsApp messages deleted by Notification History?
(This is only for Android 11 users)
1-Go to the ‘Settings’ of the device.
Now scroll down and tap on ‘Apps & Notification’.
3-Select ‘Notifications’.
4-Tap on ‘Notification History’.
Toggle the button next to ‘Use notification history’.
6- After the notification history is on, you will be able to see the notifications of deleted WhatsApp messages.


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