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Hollywood stars always feel like immortal gods walking among us. They live forever and get everything they want. Until one of them falls ill and the world is shocked in disbelief.

Unfortunately, celebrities are human too, which means they experience the same health issues as everyone else. For example, last year, we got news of Emilia Clarke’s complicated brain surgery, after which Ashton Kutcher shared information about his three-year-long battle with vasculitis, an autoimmune disease that could have cost the actor his sight and hearing. and ability to move.

Fortunately, the star had a rare, treatable form of vasculitis and underwent rehabilitation, improving her health. Kutcher said the disease also has an unexpected side — a new perspective on life. The actor says he has learned not to sweat the small stuff to take every obstacle as a challenge and live life to the fullest.

As for his beloved wife, Mila Kunis, a famous actress of Ukrainian origin, he showed her a great deal of unwavering support. Kunis said in an interview that she doesn’t have time to sit down and talk things out. She had to sink in and hang on despite having children and family on her shoulders. But as they say, you gotta do what you gotta do. Kunis thought she and Kutcher were very lucky to have each other, and that they both did an amazing job of taking care of their family.

Kutcher admits the disease has knocked out his sight and hearing. His existence was so thrown out the window that he couldn’t even stand up. It took the actor a year to get back on his feet and another two years to complete the treatment.

People are used to taking things like sight and hearing for granted, but the thought of losing one of those senses can strike anyone with panic. When you don’t know if you’ll be able to hear, see or walk again, the world suddenly becomes very depressing and sad. Kutcher is lucky to be alive, that’s for sure, but it’s because of his amazing team with Mila.

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