Nagaur News: Help will be available to find children, home portal app will be launched soon in Nagaur


Report-Krishna Kumar
Nagaur. Ghar Portal has been launched across the country for the rehabilitation and return of destitute, homeless, missing and children who are victims of crimes. This app has been released by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights. Currently released in Delhi, but in Nagaur district it will start at the end of January.

this app will work
This app has been released by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights. The app has been launched after brainstorming with all the chairpersons of child committees across the country at the NCPCR office in Delhi. This home portal app will help in digitally monitoring and tracking the restoration and repatriation of children as well as sending them home. will do The children who are sent outside India and to other states or districts will be benefited the most from this portal.

Chairman of Nagaur Child Welfare Committee, Dr. Manoj Soni told that it will help in finding and taking care of children. Manoj Soni told that this app will provide online help of language or technical experts to the children during rehabilitation. Translators, interpreters, experts will be available on the portal at all times. The state government will fully help in this.
At the same time, each committee will keep a record of the child. Under this portal, the concerned child committees and child protection units established in the districts will take action for progress in the case of children. Through the Ghar portal, the work of restoration and rehabilitation of the children determined according to the category will be done.

District Magistrate will review

By amending the law to ensure effective coordination in matters related to children and repatriation of children, rehabilitation, child protection, protection and development, the District Magistrate as the DCPU chairman has been asked to review the Child Welfare Committees and District Child Protection Units at regular intervals. The right has been given.

Chairman of Nagaur Child Welfare Committee, Dr. Manoj Soni has said that this app will prove to be very effective in the rehabilitation of children. With this, work will be done completely in digital form. Due to which it will be very easy to send the children home.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 10, 2023, 16:39 IST


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