Hide personal chat on WhatsApp without deleting the message, follow this easy method


To hide any message on WhatsApp, tap and hold on it for a while.
After this you will get to see many options out of which only click on archive message.
After this, you can hide all the personal messages, videos and photos available in the chat box.

New Delhi. While chatting with anyone on WhatsApp, we do such things, which people always want to save. Meanwhile, people gradually delete unnecessary messages as well. On the other hand, if there is a very personal message, then to keep it hidden from other people, they keep a separate lock in WhatsApp. In such a situation, after opening the lock, anyone can read all the messages very easily. However, now you can hide these personal messages.

After hiding the message, even if your phone falls into the hands of someone else, then that person will not be able to see any of your messages. You can easily hide messages, if you also want to keep your messages hidden, then you can hide them with the tricks mentioned below.

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What are the benefits of hiding messages on WhatsApp?
In today’s time, even though most people have a personal smartphone, but if needed, other members of the house also use it. Apart from this, after going into the hands of friends and relatives, first of all people open WhatsApp and start checking the message. In such a situation, you can save all those personal messages by hiding them. Apart from this, some people hide it even after getting upset after getting the message again and again.

How to hide WhatsApp messages
1. To hide any personal message on WhatsApp, first open this app.
2. Now select the message or chat you want to hide.
3. For this, tap and hold the finger above that name or number for a while.
4. Click on the arrow mark in the box on the top.
5. In this way you can hide any personal message or chat.
6. Most people know this feature by the name Archive.

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Follow these steps to bring back archive chat
1. To bring back the archive message in WhatsApp, first open the app.
2. After this, click on the top of the chat section and click on Archive at the top.
3. In this list you will get to see all the hide chats.
4. Most of the people do not use this feature because of it being above.
5. To do this at the bottom, click on the 3 dots i.e. above the option button in the Archive section.
6. After this, click on Archive setting and turn off keep chats archives.

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