Chhatriwali REVIEW: Sanya’s class is compulsory, it is necessary to talk about condoms, periods and sex education

sex Education, period and condom all three are considered a taboo even in today’s era. It is considered obscene to talk about all these since school days. If any curious boy or girl used to ask the teacher about them in the class and the parents at home, both the teacher and the parents used to scold the children and make them shut up. Or used to slide down by looking down. But now it is not so, people are talking about it. There is openness in the society regarding this. All these are being seen beyond the veil of obscenity. In such a situation, films are also playing an important role. Talks are being held on periods and problems related to it. There is talk of vaginal hygiene. Girls are getting free pads etc. in schools. But even today crores of children, teachers and parents shy away from talking about vaginal hygiene, condom use and periods.

Rakul Preet Singh and Sumeet Vyas starrer ‘Chhatriwali’ is one such film, which has brought all these things. The film talks about sex education, production, vaginal hygiene and the use of condoms. This one film does not give any lecture or knowledge. This is really an educational film. Though earlier, ‘Helmet’, ‘Dr. Bollywood has given films-series like ‘Arora’ and ‘Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan’. There was no such thing as ‘Chhatriwali’ in these films.

Like any other health, sexual health is also important. The film explains how condoms protect against sexually transmitted diseases and unprotected births. Using this, women do not need birth control pills. It is shown in the film that the excessive use of contraceptive pills has a bad effect on the health of women. Condom can save a life. Abortion is dangerous for the unborn child. Also for the woman who is carrying the child in her womb.

Rakul Preet’s character, Sanya is a chemistry graduate. He is looking for a job. He gets an offer to become the quality control chief in a condom company. She does it even without wanting to. The company owner of this condition will not tell anyone where she works. She does a one year contract. However, from the owner of the company, he learns how condoms can save lives. During this, Sanya falls in love, gets married and leads a double life without telling anyone. She sees the condition of sister-in-law in the house and comes to know about her miscarriage. Then she takes the lead, to make the family and society talk about issues that people consider taboo.

Director Tejas Vijay Deoskar has presented ‘Chhatriwali’ in a very sensitive manner. They have shown how dangerous the use of cost-effective contraceptive pills is. It is also shown that like other parts of the body, the genitals are also a part. Reproductive system is like digestive system. Rajesh Tailang is a biology teacher in the film, but does not teach the children the chapter of reproduction in detail. When the student asks, he scolds and makes him sit. The film makes you face the bitter truths of life along with laughter. This film should be seen by every parents, teachers and children.

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