Big threat to millions of Samsung users, government issued warning, do this work immediately



CERT-In has revealed that a flaw has been reported in the Samsung Galaxy Store app
The flaw is in versions of the Samsung Galaxy Store app prior to
This problem is caused by ‘incorrectly configured filters in the webview’.

samsung galaxy alert: Smartphones have now become so smart that not only call and message but many important things can also be done in one click. In today’s time, smartphones are an important part of our life, because with this many things like bank work, photography, viewing the route on the map can be done easily. The easier and more important the phone has become, the more the risk of data leakage has increased. That’s why the company advises us to install software updates from time to time.

Samsung has advised users to work on the latest version of the apps so that they remain secure. Samsung Galaxy has been used by millions of people. Although there are still many people who are using the old version and the scary thing is that the old version can be easily hacked. One such flaw has been noticed in the Samsung Galaxy Store app and the Government of India has issued a warning for Samsung Galaxy users.

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Government issued a warning
CERT-In under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has revealed that a vulnerability has been reported in the Samsung Galaxy Store app that could allow a local attacker to install unwanted apps or inject code on a target phone. This flaw will affect Samsung Galaxy smartphone users with Samsung Galaxy Store app version before

CERT-In has told that this flaw will not affect those running the phone on Android 13. This issue in Samsung Galaxy Store is caused by ‘incorrectly configured filters in the webview’.

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Install the latest update immediately
An attacker could exploit this vulnerability if you tap a malicious hyperlink or pre-installed application in Google Chrome. A local attacker can bypass Samsung’s URL filters and launch a webview to an attacker-controlled domain. Users of the Samsung Galaxy Store app are advised to update their app to the latest version.

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