Attention WhatsApp users! A very important feature related to deleted messages is coming in the app, see photo

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An option will be given to save the missing messages of WhatsApp.
If we look at the screenshot of Wabetainfo, there is a bookmark icon for Kept Message.
This icon serves as a visual indicator.

New Delhi. WhatsApp is working on many new features for its users. It is now learned that the messaging app is testing a new ‘Kept’ message feature, which will allow users to save disappearing messages. WhatsApp is currently developing the feature and it has not yet been rolled out for beta testers.

With the disappearing message feature of WhatsApp, users can send such messages, which remain on the chat window only for a specific time. However, those disappearing messages can be saved with the Kept Message feature. Even though this feature was not rolled out for beta testers, it was first spotted by Wabetainfo.

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According to the information received by WB, Kept message is another form of disappearing message which has been temporarily saved. This means it won’t be automatically removed from the chat and everyone in the conversation can still see it.

However, users will still have the ability to ‘Un-keep’ the message if they do not want to save it. Once they select the un-keep option, the message will disappear from the chat forever.

Photo: WABetaInfo.

If we look at the screenshot shared by Wabetainfo, it has a bookmark icon for Kept Message. The symbol shows that the disappearing messages have been saved. Once the icon appears, the chat will not disappear from the window.

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This icon serves as a visual indicator that the disappearing message has been kept ‘kept’ and will not disappear from the chat, even if the disappearing message feature is on and the message has already expired.

This feature allows users to easily differentiate between regular disappearing messages and Kept messages within a chat. It is worth noting that all the participants involved in the conversation can delete these messages at any time. At present, there is no information about when this feature will be rolled out.

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