AnyDesk: People use it by pressing all over the world, yet why is this app so infamous? understand its game

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Anydesk is a software through which hackers take remote access.
Hackers took away Rs 5 lakh by downloading Anydesk app on a person’s mobile.
AnyDesk shares a code that you should not share with anyone.

A shocking case of online fraud has come to the fore in Thane city of Maharashtra. Here the thugs took out five lakh rupees from a person’s phone by downloading Anydesk App Fraud app on his mobile. This incident happened on 14 January. According to the police, the man had called the cable operator to get the cable problem fixed, when this forgery happened to him.

The police officer said that nothing was visible on the victim’s television screen, so he called his cable service provider. He told that while the person was talking on the phone, he got a call from another number and the caller asked him to download the Anydesk app.

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How to lime from Anydesk?
According to the complaint lodged with the police, as soon as the person downloaded the Anydesk app, he found that five lakh rupees had been withdrawn from his bank account through net banking.

This hoax has taken the man as well as the policemen by surprise and they are trying to trace the culprits.

Even in such a situation, it becomes important for you to know what is Anydesk app, how it works and what precautions should be taken while using it.

What is AnyDesk?
AnyDesk is a software, through which we can control another person’s computer or mobile device by getting remote access from our computer. However, for this it is mandatory to have AnyDesk installed in both the devices.

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How to avoid being scammed by Annie Desk?
To gain remote access to your computer through AnyDesk software, all it takes is one code for the other person to enter, which is displayed differently each time you open the software.

You just have to be careful with this code, because once this code is shared, that person gets complete control of your device. Therefore, to avoid any such fraud, people are advised not to share Anydesk remote access code with any unknown person.

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