Year Ender: Instagram introduced these great features this year, creators get a chance to earn



Instagram brought many new features in the year 2022.
These features improve the users experience.
Through some features, users can also earn money.

New Delhi. Instagram is one of the most popular apps. It brings new features for its users. This year also Instagram introduced many features for its users. Today we are telling you about the features that Instagram got in the year 2002. This feature improves the users experience. Some of these features help users connect with their friends and family. Along with some features give users a chance to earn money, so let us now tell you about these features.

instagram candid stories
Want a new way to share what’s going on in your life with your friends? Through Instagram Candidate Stories, you can easily share your memorable moments with your close ones. It’s like a private stereo that is only visible to people who share their own candids.

music add
Instagram can now let its users add music to feed photo posts and bring their content to life in a whole new way. Whether it’s background music for a picture collage or an upbeat song for a travel photo, adding music to feed photos can make your posts stand out.

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mute option
Instagram brought mute option this year, with the help of this feature you can block stories and posts of unknown people. Actually, there are many people in your feed or stories whom you do not want to unfollow but do not want to see their content. In this case, you can use the mute option.

instagram reels achievement
The Instagram Reels Achievement encourages creators to create more Reels and improve content. So far three achievements have been added to this feature. This includes Creative Streak, TrendSpotter and Collaborator. Creators are notified whenever they achieve a new achievement.

instagram gift
Instagram Gifts helps creators earn money from followers who like the content they share. Through this feature, fans can buy stars on Instagram and send gifts to their favorite creators.

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instagram notes
Instagram has recently rolled out the Notes feature. In this, users can convey their thoughts to people with text and emoji in 60 characters. Like Stories, Notes last for 24 hours and appear at the top of the inbox. Users can reply to notes that will appear later in the message.

group profile
Group profile is a new type of profile where users can share separate profiles, stories and photos with their special friends. To create a group profile, the user just needs to tap on the plus icon and select the group profile.

add sticker to reel
Instagram gave the facility to add stickers to reels this year. These stickers will help users to continue the story to their followers with their thoughts on the subject of the Reel. This can be used to showcase an event from Reels. These stickers are a great way for people to connect and share their creativity with each other.

instagram subscription
The Instagram subscription feature helps creators make more money. It was introduced in January this year. With the help of this subscription live feature, users will be able to subscribe to their favorite creators. Also, fans will get a chance to connect with the creators.

Meta also launched 3D avatars for users this year. 3D avatars represent a new vision of more dynamic identities for users than static social media profiles. You can create your avatar by just following a few steps.

instagram scheduling feature
This year Instagram released a content scheduling tool for users. With the help of this feature, users can schedule their content to be posted. Reels, photo-video and carousel posts can be scheduled for up to 75 days using the scheduling tool. Users will get the option of scheduling tool inside advanced settings.

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