Wow! This promising made electronic bicycle at home

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Nagaur. Although Nagaur district is adjacent to western Rajasthan, mostly agriculture and dust clouds are visible here, but now the youth here are also seen doing new innovations. One such feat was done by a young man from Nagaur who converted an ordinary cycle into an electric cycle. Which is being discussed in the entire Nagaur district. Abdul Rashid, who did this feat, belongs to an ordinary family.

How was the electronic bicycle invented?

from your city (Nagaur)

Abdul Rashid told that when he saw the electronic scooty two years ago, he planned to convert his bicycle into an electronic bicycle. Then he bought some essential items like batteries, wires, lights etc. and slowly started preparing to make it.

who is abdul rashid

This promising student is a resident of Lauharpura near Mahi Darwaza of Nagaur. Presently pursuing Diploma in Engineering in Computer Science at Bikaner Technical University. But Abdul is more interested in making electronic items. Till now Abdul Rashid has invented small water cooler, freeze and electronic swing. Now he has converted the ordinary cycle into an electronic cycle. To contact this student, you can contact on this number 9414729729.

This is how this bicycle works

Abdul told that this cycle works like an electronic scooter. First bought a normal cycle, later after modifying, fitted two battery 24 watt, motor with controller which controls lighting, horn, indicator, lock, brake. The pandil system is also kept with the battery, so that after the battery is discharged, it can work with the pandil.

What is the specialty, how much did it cost

The specialty of this cycle is that this cycle works like an ordinary and electric cycle. It covers a distance of 25 kilometers on a single charge. Abdul told that he bought a simple cycle for Rs.6000 and then spent Rs.6000 to make the cycle, in this way he prepared this cycle. Which is much cheaper than the electronic bicycle available in the market.

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