Video calling on WhatsApp will be done without stopping with PiP feature, update the app today


With the help of WhatsApp’s new feature PiP, you can use any app during a video call.
The facility of PIP on WhatsApp has come in both Android 12 and latest iOS.
Now you can do video calling with 32 people on WhatsApp.

New Delhi. Video calling on WhatsApp also has its own fun. You can do video calling with your family or friends for as long as you want, but sometimes it happens that during a video call you have to send another message, see a notification on an app or find a contact, then you have to video call. You have to wait for it to finish because if you go back to an app in the middle of a video call, then your video stops for that much time.

However, now with the help of WhatsApp’s new feature PiP i.e. Picture in Picture, you do not need to think before going to any app during a video call. All you have to do is to update your WhatsApp from Play Store or WhatsApp’s official site. PIP facility is available for both Android 12 and latest iOS.

will not stop calling
Due to the PIP feature, now when you open any other app during video calling, your video will not stop, but it will be minimized on the left side and become a small window, in which you will be able to see the video call and also pay attention to the notification.

video call up to 32 people
Talking about video calling only, in the latest update of WhatsApp, now you can make video calls to 32 people simultaneously in group video calling. In this feature, 6 active members remain on the front screen and the rest of the members are being shown in the slide below.

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Let us tell you that ever since WhatsApp has been associated with Meta, more than one user-friendly update has been coming in the app. If the news is to be believed then WhatsApp is soon going to force the security features further. The company can introduce privacy lock feature on WhatsApp web.

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