Vedha Review: Effects of KGF, Kantara and Pushpa found in Vedha, women must watch this film of Shiva Rajkumar

Shiva Rajkumar’s new film Vedha has been released which gives a special message to increase the power of women. Shiva Rajkumar is an iconic hero of the Kannada film industry and Vedha directed by A Harsha proves that the 60-year-old actor still has the ability to enthrall his fans. The story of the film begins with a young woman being harassed by a man on public transport. She comes home and complains to her grandmother, then she is asked to read the story of Ved (Shiva Rajkumar), then the film narrates the past incident.

story of the film

Director A Harsha goes to the 1960s, where we see a young Ved. What follows is his marriage to Pushpa (Ganavi Laxman) in the 1980s, where we see Ved and his daughter Kanaka (Aditi Sagar), who is on a revenge killing spree. It seems that the father and daughter move from place to place in search of a certain group of people in this revenge drama. In the story, while Police Inspector Rama (Veena Ponappa) is chasing them, Pari (Shweta Chengappa) is bent on killing Vedha’s friend (Raghu Shimoga), a sex worker. What happened to Pushpa? Why are Veda and Kanak killing these men? All these incidents tell it on the screen.

Vedha stresses on women empowerment

Shiva Rajkumar had earlier worked with director Harsha in three films and his 125th film is a milestone for both. Vedha has been smartly written by Harsha to keep the audience engaged throughout the film. While there is action in the film, there is a lot of sentiment as well and it likes to show Ved as a person who believes in women empowerment and stands up for women’s rights . In such a situation, this film will definitely be liked by the fans of Shiva Rajkumar, because the Kannada star is choosing such stories which matter more to the society. Perhaps he is changing direction at this point in his career.

The female characters in Vedha are brilliant and lively.

All the female characters in this film are performance-oriented ie strong performance oriented. In Vedha, the emphasis is on women to show their strength. It stars Shwetha Chengappa, Veena Ponappa, Umashree, Ganavi Laxman and Aditi Sagar, who shine in their respective roles in this film.

Effect of KGF, Kantara and Pushpa seen in Vedha

It is being said that the film has some shades of KGF 2 in the way it has been shot. In this, the mining don looks like Rocky Bhai and the inclusion of religious aspect in some scenes reminds us of Kantara. One also wonders if Vedha’s wife’s name is Pushpa and the song titled Pushpa is also an effect of Allu Arjun’s Pushpa: The Rise. Through all these scenes, there was probably a hint by the director for those successful films.

Vedha keeps more plus points than flaws

Vedha has its flaws, but when compared to its intent and the performances of the actresses in the film, they can be ignored. The cinematography of Swami J Gowda is excellent and the music of Arjun Janya is also a plus point of the film.

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