These premium back covers with gold, titanium will give luxury look to your iPhone


Luxury smartphone accessories manufacturer Caviar has introduced the Grand Complications collection.
Paris Best Labodet specializes in smartphone customisation.
Louis Vuitton has created the cover of the iPhone 13 Pro inspired by the Dauphine handbag of the maison.

The iPhone itself is considered a status symbol. The Apple iPhone comes in the luxury category, and some people make the iPhone even more premium by adding a luxury cover. When it comes to smartphone covers, plastic covers made of silicone come to our mind, but do you know that gold, titanium covers are also available in the market. Let us know how a new makeover can be given to the iPhone with a cover.

Caviar Rolex Daytona iPhone 14 Pro Max: Luxury smartphone accessories manufacturer Caviar has introduced a limited edition collection as part of the Grand Complications collection, which Daytona can be directly implanted on the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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The phone case is inspired by racing cars from the 1930s, such as the Campbell’s Blue Bird. This is the same car that set the world speed record at Daytona. The cover features gold plated embellished speedometer and switches, giving the impression of a racing car’s dashboard.

Labodet iPhone 14 Pro 512GB Carbon – Prowling Tiger
Customized iPhone comes in luxury tech category. This is a statement accessory. Paris Best Labodet specializes in smartphone customisation. Her latest collection is Prowling Tiger. Ultra-light carbon fiber has been used in this. The custom design has been created with two types of carbon fiber. The back panel of the phone has been crafted with carbon, which replaces the standard glass panel of the phone, which also includes the camera block.

The top features a tiger embossed with 18K yellow gold claws and LED eyes that glow red when the phone is switched on. It takes 30 days to make, and is shipped worldwide.

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Gray’s Titanium Case
Made from aerospace grade metals such as titanium and aluminium, the Alter Ego collection is created by Singapore’s best company Grey. Two blocks of aerospace-grade titanium are machined to form the body of the case in a process that takes 12 hours. Limited to 500 units, they are available for worldwide shipping. Currently it is available only for iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro.

Louis Vuitton Dauphine Case
If you have an iPhone 13 Pro, you can check out the Louis Vuitton Dauphine case. Inspired by the Maison’s Dauphine handbags, and easily recognizable by its LV pattern, which is secured with a calfskin leather strap and Dauphine bag clasp.

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