The hassle of different chargers will end, BIS has issued quality standard for Type-C port

new Delhi. There has been a discussion going on for a long time on providing only two types of charging ports in electronics devices. Rohit Kumar Singh, Secretary, Ministry of Consumer Affairs has made a big announcement regarding this. India’s mobile device makers, technology companies are all set to adopt USB Type-C as standard charging port for electronic products by March 2025. That is, after the new announcement, every mobile will have a charger.

Singh said that the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur is conducting a study related to providing the same type of charging port in wearable devices. The report in this regard will be discussed with the electronics industry.

Companies believe that India will have to try to connect the global supply chain with the global timeline. According to sources, in India, will start in 3 months after implementation in the European Union. According to the directive of the European Union, common USB Type-C charger will have to be made mandatory for smartphones by 28 December 2024 and for laptops by 2026.

Will help in reducing e-waste
The direct benefit of the same charger policy for electronic devices will be in many ways. Customers will not have to spend money to buy a charger for each separate device and their work will be done with a single charger. Apart from this, it will also help in reducing e-waste. E-waste or electronic waste is called a kind of electric goods, which we throw away after use.

In the last meeting with the stakeholders on 16 November, it was agreed that the ‘common’ charging port should be implemented in phases. Explain that more than 98% of Android smartphones worldwide use USB Type-C as the charging port, while the iPhone has a Lightning port for charging.

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