REVIEW: Tamil web series ‘Fall’ grips you in just 3 episodes


In 2012, a web series ‘Vertige’ made in Canada was adapted in Tamil and made a web series ‘Fall’. The first three episodes of this series have recently been released on Disney+ Hotstar. OTT platforms which were known for binge watching are slowly trying to bring back the television trend by releasing one episode every week. This is an experiment. May be successful or may not because now everyone has got used to watching the entire series on OTT together. Well, the first three episodes of Fall get you hooked and you start looking forward to the rest of the episodes. Perhaps, the formula of releasing one episode every week will work too.

The story revolves around a girl, Divya (Anjali), who lives on the top floor of her sports centre. One day suddenly she falls from the balcony of her flat and goes into a coma. After that a game begins which the audience wants to solve. Divya’s elder brother Rohit (SP Charan), her younger sister Maya (Namita Krishnamurthy), Divya’s old lover Daniel (Santosh Pratap) along with some other people want to grab Divya’s property. Divya’s parents and her friend believe that someone pushed Divya from the balcony. When Divya comes out of coma, she doesn’t remember anything. She tries to regain her memory with the help of old albums and papers. What happens after this will be shown in the next episode and the secret will be revealed.

The best thing about this series was that over-dramatism has been avoided in it. Everything seems normal except for some of Daniel’s scenes. The dialogues are also not filmy, so the plot starts to be believed. Vertige has won many awards for story, screenplay, direction etc. but it would be a bit unreasonable to expect the same from Fall because the spontaneity of this series is its enemy. Simple and straightforward, the story moves in one line, the flashbacks create excitement, they have not been able to fall. Director Santosh Ramaswamy is basically a cinematographer but his frames look very raw. Not a single shot can be placed in the category of amazing. Most of the scenes are as if the camera is being operated by a novice. Not much work has been done in writing. Karundhi Rajesh and Siddharth have written the screenplay together but no such scene or high point has been created in it to surprise the viewer.

Anjali’s acting is good. Just a few days ago, another web series Jhansi was released, which faltered in the middle. This does not happen with Fall because it is an official remake and the writer-director has not even tried to make any changes. However, Anjali does not try to bring any expression on her face, so some scenes seem flat. Namita has acted better than her in the role of her younger sister. Tamil cinema/web series actor-producer and singer SP Charan, son of well-known singer SP Balasubramaniam, plays the role of elder brother Rohit. Not only is the role good, Charan has also acted very well. The rest of the actors are also doing a fine job.

The first three episodes of Fall have raised good hopes. The use of profanity is limited and barring a few places, obscenity is also less, yet it is a crime story, so one has to be careful while watching it. However, more adult content is being served in Hindi films than this. You can watch this series but let all 6 episodes be released because stopping in the middle means getting rid of consistency and that is not good for the series.

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