Monitor children’s activity with this app, websites can also be blocked



To keep an eye on the children, download the FemiSafe Parental Control app on the smartphone.
See which websites the children visit and with whom they talk.
If the child is small then the facilities to track the location are also available.

new Delhi. Parents do not feel secure many times after giving smartphones to children. They keep worrying about what they are doing on the smartphone. Children can get information about which website they are visiting, with whom they talk and where they are going and coming, sitting at home with the help of an app. If you are also a parent and want to keep an eye on the children’s smartphone, then there is no need to worry. Now you can keep an eye on them with the mobile app.

Apart from monitoring the online activity of children through this mobile app, you can block any website with the help of this and can also control which call the child receives and which does not.

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download famisafe parental control app
In today’s time, most people spend time on smartphones and laptops only. Kids love to play games and watch cartoon videos. On the other hand, if they are growing up, then parents become very worried about their children. Some people even ask them to stay away from smartphones for this reason. To keep an eye on your children, download the famisafe parental control app on your smartphone. This app is available for both Android and iOS users.

Check how your child is doing
1. To keep an eye on children, download famisafe parental control in their smartphone and click on children mode.
2. Now after downloading the app on your smartphone, click on the parental option.
3. Now connect both the smartphones with the help of this app.
4. You can also take help of QR code to connect.
5. After this, now you can see what your child is doing on the smartphone.
6. Browser history can also be checked on YouTube at any time.

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Websites can also be blocked
1. If you want to block a website, then for this click on the setting of the app.
2. After this click on the app uses and blocker section.
3. Here you will get to see the numbers available in YouTube, Facebook, Internet browser as well as call history.
4. Enable block whichever of these you want to block.
5. Along with this, you can also see with whom your child is chatting.
6. After blocking the website, click on the OK button above.

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