Latest Kannada Songs 2023 | Complete List of Kannada Songs Releases Kantara-Varaha Roopam(Slowed+Reverbed)|Earthking BGM's|Rishab Shetty|@HombaleFilms Download

Latest Kannada Songs 2023 | Complete List of Kannada Songs Releases
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Kantara-Varaha Roopam(Slowed+Reverbed)|Earthking BGM’s|Rishab Shetty|‎@HombaleFilms 

Watch #varaharoopam Music Re edited In (Slow+Reverb)

Use Headphones While watching the video for better music experience..

Directed by:#rishabshetty
Cast:Rishab Shettty
Music/Song Type:Slowed And Reverbed
Re edited by:Earthking Creations BGM World

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