How to remove background of any image on iPhone? know the easy way



iOS 16 has brought many new features with it.
iPhone users can change the background of photos on their device.
With the help of iOS 16, the background of all photos can be removed.

new Delhi. Apple recently released its latest software update iOS 16. Many features have been released in this. Many users do not have any information about most of these features. All these features were covered on the internet as soon as they arrived. One of these features is the facility to remove background from any image or photo. This feature allows users to remove background from all photos. Whether you have taken the picture or taken someone’s screenshot. iOS 16 can remove the background of almost any images. Using this feature is also very simple.

Let us tell you how you can remove the background from the photo with the help of this feature. Actually, Apple has not added the option of editing or removing background in its Photos app, but there is a different trick to make this feature work. For this you have to use two apps Photos and Notes. This feature also works with the Mail and Messages apps.

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How to remove background from any image in iOS 16?
Step 1- Download the latest version of iOS on your iPhone. Make sure your device is running at least iOS 16.
Step 2- Open the image from which you want to remove the background.
Step 3- Now long press the subject.
Step 4- Tap on the ‘Copy’ option appearing on the top.
Step 5- Open the app in which you want to paste it.
Step 6- Double tap on the screen and tap on Paste button.

Will not be used as an image editing tool
Let us know that Apple’s AI works only on the new iOS 16. Apart from this, this tool cannot be used as a substitute for image editing tools. Apart from this, you cannot use this tool for artistic works as well.

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