How to create a new Google Photos album? Follow these steps, work will be done in a jiffy


You can save your own photos and videos on Google Photos.
You can keep photos in different categories by making albums.
You can search any of your photos by creating an album.

new Delhi. Google Photos helps users to store photos in an organized manner. With its help, users can create multiple albums by making different categories of their photos. This makes it easy for users to search photos. Let us tell you that Google Photos does not only save your photos but also makes your photos better. Through this you can easily transfer your photos and videos and make a collage of them. Apart from this, you can make your photos animation on Google Photos.

In such a situation, if you are wondering how to create a new album in Google Photos, then today we are going to tell you how you can create a new album on Google Photos.

How to create a new album on Google Photos
To create an album in Google Photos, first open the Google Photos app on your smart device. Now sign in to a Google Account. After this hold the picture and then select the pictures which you want to add to the newly created album. After this tap on Add to +. Now choose album here. After this add a title to the newly added album. Now click on Done. With this your new album will be created.

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automatic backup
Users get automatic backup in Google Photos. Apart from this, all the photos saved on Google Photos in your phone, tablet, computer etc. are safe with the help of automatic backup. In this, you get unlimited free storage, so that you can save high quality photos.

Access from any device
It can be accessed from any device through Android, iOS and web apps. In such a situation, wherever you go, you can click pictures fiercely. With the help of Google Photos, your photos are also available offline, so you can access them when there is no internet.

manage storage
If your phone is low on storage, you can safely clear photos and videos that are already backed up to your Google Account. You won’t need to delete any photos to make space on your phone.

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