Govinda Naam Mera Movie Review: Film is made on writing and editing table, proof is Govinda Mera Naam


Don’t know whether it is a coincidence or a deliberate mistake, Shashank Khaitan’s film “Govinda Naam Mera” directed by Disney+Hotstar shows the illegal marriage of a bald fight master to an assistant choreographer. One such incident is the reality of the life of a famous director of today. It may have been kept in jest, but it is also possible that Shashank did not pay attention while writing. However, the film “Govinda Naam Mera” made full of such stupidity is such a film made on the writing and editing table, watching which you can get complete entertainment. Amazing entertainment film.

Govinda Waghmare (Vicky Kaushal) is an assistant choreographer in films. There is no peace in his life. His mother Asha Waghmare (Renuka Shahane) pretends to sit on a wheel chair so that she can win the case in both the courts and become the owner of the bungalow given by Govinda’s father. Govinda is married to Gauri (Bhumi Pednekar) with whom he does not get along and she is demanding two crore rupees for divorce. Govinda also has a girlfriend Sukubai Deshmukh (Kiara Advani) who is dreaming of marrying Govinda. Govinda has taken a gun worth two lakh rupees from Inspector Javed (Dayanand Shetty) so that he can complete the work of his wife but has not paid for this gun. Govinda’s wife Gauri also has a boyfriend, in front of whom Gauri keeps forcing Govinda to dance. To earn money, Govinda keeps trying different tricks, but everywhere he has to wear shoes. One day suddenly when he comes home, he sees Gauri’s dead body lying there. He feels that his luck has now completely cheated him. But he tries to hide this crime with the help of Suku. Whether his life changes or luck finally favors him, this is the story ahead.

Vicky Kaushal’s acting is improving film by film. It is quite different from all the roles he has done till now. Vicky’s comic timing is strong this time. In the first few minutes, the scene between the maid and Vicky makes you laugh and laugh. Vicky has done a wonderful job in the scene of disposing of a dead body after drinking alcohol. This film will be important in Vicky’s career because with this a whole range of his acting has come to the fore. Vicky’s journey from Masaan to Govinda Naam Mera proves that Vicky will continue to play till now. Bhumi Pednekar’s role was small, so there was no impression. Whereas Kiara Advani has done a stormy job. Actually the film runs because of Kiara and other fellow actors like Dayanand Shetty, Renuka Shahane, and Amey Wagh give pace to this story.

Shashank Khaitan has written the story, screenplay and dialogues. Although the film is of low budget type, but it has been made in collaboration with big actors, so there is little fun in the film. Anyway, Shashank studied in Karan Johar’s school. All the films made by him are hits – Badri Ki Dulhania, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania and Dhadak. By the way, it is a good decision to release Govinda Naam Mera on direct OTT because this film is weak according to the big screen. The screenplay is smoky, so the eyes remain fixed on the screen the whole time. Every moment something or the other keeps happening. There are full numbers of entertainment in the film. Vicky’s comedy and nervousness, Bhumi’s own style, Kiara’s sex appeal and strong acting, Dayanand Shetty and Sayaji Shinde’s expressions and the rest of the actors getting perfectly written roles, everything in the film is strong. All the songs of the film are all nonsense. Each song has a different composer, so no string of music of the film is seen connecting anywhere. This is rarely seen in Karan Johar’s films. This is the weak side of the film.

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Vicky Kaushal, Kiara Advani and Bhumi Pednekar starrer comedy-thriller ‘Govandi Naam Mera’ will release on Disney Plus Hotstar.

Even if there is no innovation in Vidushi Tiwari’s cinematography, the framing and colors are perfectly frozen. Vidushi has a bright future. On the other hand, Charu Shree Roy, who came into the limelight due to Bachchan Pandey’s editing, has to be praised because the pace that his editing has given to the film is the life of the film. Movies are always made on two tables. A writer in whom Shashank has done a great job, has written a good script. The second editing table in which Charu Shree Roy has not allowed a single unnecessary scene to appear, but whatever scene he has edited is amazing. Editing of crime and comedy films does the most amazing work. To see how much crime and how much comedy should be there, if you want to see the balance of writing and editing, then you should see my name Govinda.

The twist that arises in the story in the last 40 minutes of the film forces us to question every scene of the entire film. But slowly the story starts unraveling and then in front of Govinda the color starts coming off from the face of every character. Onlookers keep watching with pleasure and then when the body is found missing from the part of the bungalow where Bhoomi’s body was buried, the matter gets complicated. Watch the movie, it is full of entertainment. The speed is also correct. There is no dearth of fun either. Will have fun

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