Detail Review: Zakir Khan’s ‘Tathaastu’ will make you cry while laughing

If you start thinking as India’s most loved stand up comedian, then after Raju Srivastava, you come straight to Zakir Khan. The biggest strength of both of their stand-up comedy is truthfulness. As long as Raju Srivastava was there, he used to create humor through anecdotes about the fictional characters in his act, whereas Zakir’s Sar Kuch Khud Pe Bita Hua Hai. His every act, every word, every style… Zakir has his own. Why did this grandson of a great sarangi player Ustad Moinuddin Khan sahab in the city of Indore fight with his own grandfather all his life, this is the subject of his new stand-up special ‘Tathastu’ which he has released on Amazon Prime Video.

Fed up with the strange antics of his grandfather Ustad Moinuddin Khan, Zakir decided to break the family tradition and instead of becoming a sarangi player, decided to work in radio. The family members also got a course done in Delhi. As luck would have it, Zakir continued to search for work while working for several months without a job. Somehow I started getting some stand up work. Then got a job in a radio station but not as a radio jockey but as a copywriter. Once in Mumbai, AIB called him to meet and hired Zakir to write a comedy script by promising to give him the amount Zakir used to earn in a whole year. The process of becoming Zakir Khan, the most favorite stand up comedian of the country started from here.

This comedy special by Zakir is out of the box in many ways. Zakir’s show, divided into three parts (heaven, exile, homecoming), has brought out Naib Moti from Zakir’s life. This is the rosary which is also worn around the neck and also used for Tasbeeh. Zakir narrates the stories of his struggle with great innocence and in a very typical way. Zakir very delicately weaves these stories in the thread of his father i.e. grandfather i.e. Ustad Moinuddin Khan Sahab Sarangiwale. How he earned the title of being a rebel at home and how his father used to spread rumors about him. How Zakir and his fellow judges, who became a judge in a reality show, were shown the way out in a very corporate manner and how people can laugh even in mourning. Zakir goes on telling everything in his own style and the audience starts laughing and crying with him.

Amen the format is a bit new, the audience has been seated differently. It seems to have been shot around Diwali as the audience has already worn clothes with a very festival feel. Thanks to Zakir, he himself makes fun of Zakir and the spectators holding Zakir’s hand are also laughing along with him. This time Zakir was seen copying the style of some fellow comedians. Inadvertently copied. Zakir alone keeps everyone tied up in the whole country. Zakir keeps everyone connected even after showing some of his special acts in between. There is also a song in the end credits of his special – Khoya Hai Dil Mera Kahin Pe. Very nice song and its unplugged version can become popular soon.

See Zakir’s content immediately. Such comedy is done only by Zakir, there are abuses at two or four places, but that too comes in such a smooth manner that one does not feel shocked. However, it will be considered as one of Zakir’s best works and the repeat value of this content will only increase in the times to come.

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