Detail Review: If you want to feel alive, do not ignore ‘Nazar Andaz’


In Sai Paranjpe’s Sparsh in 1980, Naseeruddin Shah played the role of a blind but self-respecting blind school principal, who hated not only the word kindness but also kindness itself. Kumud Mishra is also playing the role of a blind person in the recently released film ‘Nazar Andaz’ on Netflix, but he is carrying so many aspirations in his life that one has to think whether he considers himself blind or not. . Small film, less actors, strong actors, and sweet music, this film, adorned with all these, does such a wonderful thing in some scene that it fills the throat, brings tears to the eyes and a smile on the lips. Poignant films are less made, they should be watched so that we keep feeling of being human.

Vikrant Deshmukh is the new director. This is his first film. See the cast – Kumud Mishra, Abhishek Banerjee, Divya Dutta and Rajeshwari Sachdev in a cameo. We all know Kumud Mishra as Ranbir Kapoor’s Khairkhwah Khutala Bhai in Rockstar. Born in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, Kumud is actually born in theatre. Looking at his acting, it seems that his permanent dialogue is ‘Ha Ho Jayega’ i.e. take any role and go away, his answer would be ‘Ha Ho Jayega’. The acting range of Kumud, who is small in stature, is huge. Comedy, tragedy, crime, drama or any other genre of film, Kumud gets into all of them. In Nazar Andaz, he is in the role of a blind man. After Naseer, only Kumud is the only actor who has brought alive the role of blind on screen.

The story of the film is very simple. Sudhir (Kumud Mishra) is a blind man. His house is run at the behest of his maid Bhavani (Divya Dutta). One day Sudhir comes across a thief whom he names Ali (Abhishek Banerjee) because Sudhir has a wave in his mind that when he calls ‘Ya Ali help’ someone should appear. Here Sudhir is busy fulfilling his heart’s desires and here Ali and Bhavani are trying to grab his property. The mutual equation of all three brings such tickling and heart touching moments that you fall in love with the beautiful reality of life. Sudhir’s philosophy, Bhavani’s Haryanvi arrogance and Ali’s Mumbai taporigiri, but all three complement each other. This is the beauty of life. The most beautiful scene in the film is when Sudhir, who is blind himself, helps another blind person cross the road by holding his hand. There are many such moments in the film where philosophy or the right way to live life is mentioned, and when you look at them, it seems that life should really be like this.

Abhishek Banerjee, who studied from Amitabh Bachchan’s college Kirori Mal College, is a fine actor. In the film Rang De Basanti, when Alice Patton was auditioning college boys, Abhishek Banerjee was also one of the goofy auditioners. The journey started from there brought Abhishek to Mumbai and Abhishek started working as a casting director in films and serials to nurture his sinful stomach along with acting. Today he is the owner of “Casting Bay”, one of the most successful casting agencies in India and works in films and web series according to his mood. Apart from Abhishek, hardly anyone else could have played the role of Ali. Divya Dutta is old rice. That’s why the right fragrance and color comes in the handi. She plays the character of Haryanvi boy and girl very well.

There is nothing in Nazar Andaz that would make it a great cinema but there is a lot that will make you feel proud to be a human being. Beautiful cinema. There is no gimmickry or cheesy dancing. Vishal Mishra’s music blends with the soul of the film. Though the songs will not be popular but they are exactly according to the film. To listen to Raj Shekhar’s lyrics, one has to listen carefully and then one realizes that oh yes, songs can be like this too. Nazar Andaz is not an award winning cinema but Kumud Mishra’s performance and writers Rishi Virmani and Salim Sheikh have to be commended that they have been able to bring such intense emotions into the script so minutely. The film is a bit cumbersome but the whole film is fun.

There is no better film for the family than this. Try watching it, without any big star, this film deserves all the stars for rating.

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