Connect Movie Review: Nayantara- Anupam Kher’s ‘Connect’ is full of scary scenes, know how the film is


Nayanthara is once again back on screen with her Telugu female centric film Connect. The horror thriller is directed by Ashwin Saravanan and is slated to release on 2 December 2022. Please tell that this will be the first such film of Ladystar which is also releasing in Hindi. Along with this, Tamil and Malayalam are also being shown. Even before coming on the screen, people were giving their great reactions after watching the trailer and were appreciating Nayantara’s performance. At the same time, the direction of Ashwin Shravan, who has directed films like ‘Maya’ and ‘Game Over’, was also being praised. But is this film really great and what new will be seen in it. Let’s know more about this film.

story of the film

In the film, Nayanthara plays the character of Susan, who loses her husband (Vinay Rai) due to Covid. This unsettles everyone and especially Susan’s daughter Anna feels very lonely at the loss of her father. She tries to talk to her father’s spirit with the help of an external force. But in a tragic turn of events, an unknown spirit enters and wreaks havoc in the family. How will a helpless Susan deal with such a situation? Whose help does she take, this is the essence of the film’s story which keeps the audience hooked till the end.

Connect’s Plus Points

The film has been shot in the best way and is made in only two rooms but has been presented very well. The climax portion of the film has been handled brilliantly and the scenes in which the soul leaves the body have been shown well. The girl playing the role of Anna gives her 100 per cent and keeps the audience hooked. Anupam Kher as the priest brings depth to the film with his performance. Vinay Rai is perfect in his small role. Sathyaraj is neat, but he laughs a lot in the later part of the film. Nayantara has done a great job in this film. Nothing better than Connect for him to showcase his talent and this film becomes watchable because of his acting.

minus point

Vignesh Shivan produced the film and it is difficult to understand what innovation he found in the story. The entry of an evil spirit into the body of a girl and the coming of a priest to help her, is shown from childhood. There are a lot of logistical issues in the film, like why a girl decides to talk to her father’s spirit, whose spirit actually enters her body. Then what is the story behind, it is not told properly in the film. It is more or less like a short film in which an attempt has been made to tell in small scenes, but many things are left behind. Talking about emotions, there is not much depth in relationships. The mother who is worried about her daughter going to hell is not shown well. Except some thrill, there is nothing new in the film.

technical aspects

Since the film has been shot in only two rooms, the camerawork has to be top notch. BGM (Background music) could have been more effective. Telugu dubbing is fine and production value is also fine. Talking about director Ashwin Saravanan, his last film Game Over was very good but with this film he chose a theme, added a star like Nayanthara and made a one and a half hour film and made it an interesting one for the audience. Sold to those who don’t like his vision. Generally thrillers keep you hooked to know what is the mystery behind the soul. But nothing like this is visible in connect. Overall, director Ashwin diverts the days of quarantine and shows the thrill. But so many scenes of panic are cut off midway by troubling the audience.

How is the movie?

Overall, Nayanthara’s Connect is a poorly made horror thriller with nothing new to show. The climax is good and Nayanthara’s performance is also commendable, but the rest makes the whole story dull. The content of the film is very week which could have been presented in a better way.

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