Be sure to use these methods while printing, a lot of ink will be saved



Printing without seeing the preview sometimes prints in the wrong format, due to which the ink becomes useless.
Colorful ink costs more, so keep the switch to Black & White if not needed.
Some fonts eat up more ink than others.

Printer Ink Saving Tips: To make work easier, we buy printers. School-college children need it the most, and the printer is an essential part of the office as well. But many times the printer’s ink runs out suddenly, and many times we see that the printer’s ink is running out very quickly. So today we are going to tell you about some such methods by which you can save your printer ink.

Use of Print Preview feature is necessary: On printing without seeing the preview many times we see that the format is printed wrong. In such a situation, along with the page being wasted, the ink of the print is also wasted. That’s why we should check your paper once before printing it. That way, you can decide how it will look when printed. You can find out which spaces you need to adjust and which pages you want to be printed.

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Color Cartridge: Colorful ink costs more. If you’re printing a webpage with a vivid pink and purple theme, you might want to switch to Black & White. For example, the article you’re printing might have a big, fancy footer at the end, which will cost you a lot of ink. That’s why always check whether Colorful Ink is on or not.

Draft Mode: If you are not printing something important, then definitely try this trick. For this just go to File and then Print. This will open a new window with detailed printer settings. Now click on Properties and go to Paper/Quality heading. Here, you can select draft quality printing.

This way, you can print rough drafts and other important items. You can easily switch to higher resolution for your professional printing jobs.

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There will be savings on using these fonts
Some fonts eat up more ink than others. Depending on how you type, you may need to replace your ink cartridges more often. If you have some small work, you can save ink by switching to these fonts. – Baskerville Old Face, Century Gothic Courier, Ecofont, Garamond, Ryman Eco and Times New Roman.

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