Avatar 2 Movie Review: James Cameron’s ‘Avatar 2’ is visually amazing, VFX is unmatched, but the story is average…


The film for which the fans of director James Cameron have been waiting for the last 13 years, finally that film i.e. ‘Avatar: The way of water’ (Avatar 2: the way of water) has been released in theaters today. The first part of this film was released in 2009 and with the release it created a furore. ‘Avatar’ earned 100 crores at the Indian box office. Everyone was stunned to see this world of Pandora of ‘Avatar’ in 3D. Now once again this world has returned on the screen. Where earlier there was a jungle world, now Sally’s family takes you to the beauty and world of the ocean. Since the trailer, there has been a lot of hype about this film. Let us tell you whether ‘Avatar 2’ also lives up to your expectations or not…

Story: James Sully’s family is living their life and their lives on the planet Pandora but the sky dwellers have started trying to find them again. Now he has 4 children in Sully’s family. There are two boys, there are two girls. But now the old enemies have returned and the Akashvasis have attacked them. In such a situation, to protect his family, Suli and his family leave their forest and move towards another village in the coastal area and from here their water journey begins. These ‘Naavi’ of the jungle now become a part of the coastal tribe and face the world of water.

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In Avatar 2, the story will hold you even in an emotional way.

James Cameron’s film is expected for the first time, to be a visual masterpiece because the first film had set expectations like this. This has also happened. Seeing each and every scene of the film, you will be lost in the beauty of that planet. Nothing looks fake or gimmicky anywhere. Everything that can be believed. ‘Avatar 2’ has again brought a master class for films made in the name of VFX.

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The world of ‘Avatar 2’ will win your heart.

But this time there is nothing like ‘very shocking’ in the story. The story of capture and escape has been threaded in a new way, but it will not be able to do much for the Indian audience. The story is very average. A father ready to do anything to save his family. He leaves his tribe, leaves his people, lives among other people and bears everything in silence. We have already seen many films, web series on such plots in India. So the story may not impress you much. But visually this film will take you away with you.

Talking about acting, even after having an average story, the characters connect and the emotional value of the story is good. Be it Luwak or Sally, you will connect with the emotion of each character. Also, in a story like ‘Titanic’, Cameron has already shown us a sinking ship. You will also be reminded of ‘Titanic’ in the climax of this film. The action scenes of the film are amazing. Whether it is an underwater fight or boatmen fighting on birds flying in the air, you will love every scene.

This film is being released on more than 3800 screens, which makes it the biggest release of Hollywood. At the same time, the hype about the film is already there. But this film is full 3 hours 13 minutes long. Now it will prove to be a difficult game to make the audience sit in the theaters for so long. 3.5 stars to this movie from my side.

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