Latest Kannada Songs 2023 | Complete List of Kannada Songs Releases Kantara – Singara Siriy |Ajaneesh Loknath | Hombale Films | Guru Shishyaru | Aane Maadi Heluteeni | Download

Latest Kannada Songs 2023 | Complete List of Kannada Songs Releases
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Original Credits:
Movies: Kantara & Guru Shishyaru
Music: Ajaneesh Loknath

Cover Credits:
Music Re-Arrangment: Shashikumar S Symphony Amps
Mix & Master: Shashikumar S
DOP: Pallavi K R & Shashikumar S
Location Partner: Blossom Resort – Chikkamagaluru

The two super hit numbers Singara Siriye and Aanemaadi Heluteeni is floating in every Kannadiga’s mind and heart and SymphoNy Amps couldn’t lay quiet so here we present the two songs which are in different scales but the transition has been so smooth that it is a feast to our viewers.

We take this opportunity to thank the famous music director Ajneesh Sir for giving us such melodious renditions.

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