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Eggs are a weird concept, but what’s breakfast without some bacon and eggs? As one Hobbit says about potatoes, “boil them, mash them, put them in a stove”, but you get the gist – eggs are very tasty, nutritious and can be cooked in many ways. But what they don’t tell you is how different some eggs look when they come out of the chicken.

If you’ve ever farmed, you’ve probably seen some pretty weird eggs. Or maybe a higher power saved you, where you can see them all at once in this short article.

Be warned: some of these quirks may put you off eating eggs. If you know the truth, you can’t come back!

1.Fart eggs/Fart eggs

Sometimes the egg is white without yolk. Since the yolk is more than half the size of an egg, these little rejects come out of the chicken like morning farts. In fact, this is one of the names for small eggs – egg farts.

2. Soft-boiled eggs

These soft eggs are completely normal inside, but lash out at a hard shell, possibly stressed due to a lack of calcium, vitamin D, or mama-hen. You can’t crack this egg or pan easily, but boiling it should do the trick.

3. Re-sealed eggs

Sometimes the egg will crack before hatching, and given enough time and resources, the hen’s body will try to repair it with another layer of calcium.

4. Tailed eggs

Remember soft shell eggs? This is their evolutionary form, which is formed when an already soft egg hatches in a hen. It sounds really annoying, but in the end, it’s just another snack.

5. Different shaped eggs

What happens to the chicken egg if it gets stuck on the way out? If it is not deficient in calcium, it usually becomes pear-shaped before the shell hardens.

6. Egg

One of the weirdest examples in this list is an exception – an egg inside another egg. Naturally, there is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon, something to do with the second oocyte in the same egg, but we don’t want to bore you. Anti-peristalsis is not a very interesting water cooler topic.

7. Multi-yolk eggs

This quirk of nature may seem cool, but did you know that it is impossible for two pipsqueaks to hatch from one egg? There can only be one, but in this case, there will be none.

8. Shriveled old eggs

Unlike the soft eggs mentioned earlier, these crunchy fellows are very firm. The reason they were so different was because their uncle was old and had avian infectious bronchitis. At least, that’s what Farmer says.

9. Perfect round eggs

Round eggs are real.

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