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Donald Trump is well-known for many things, including doing business. Trump isn’t the smartest pea in pods, but he knows how to make money out of seemingly thin air. The former US president had dipped his toes in hundreds of different ventures before deciding to run for office, but even after his time was up, Trump was sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars in liquid assets.

It’s true that Trump is no longer one of the richest people in the world, only reaching the Forbes 400 richest Americans ranking, but this guy has been quietly accumulating millions of dollars for months now! With only about $500 million needed to get him back to the big leagues, he could have climbed a few spots on that list. How did Trump get filthy rich all this time? He wrote a book. Well, “wrote” is an exaggeration, but you get the point.

Unlike his predecessors, the former US president did not hesitate to write his memoirs and shortly after leaving the White House published a book about his presidency called “Our Journey Together”. But it’s not the kind of book you think it is.

The book is a collection of photographs taken during Donald Trump’s tenure as US President. Our Journey Together went on sale without big announcements or expensive advertising campaigns, but it has already managed to bring the author several million dollars in profit.

The photographs used for this book are not exclusive, as most of them were taken by the White House’s official photographer and previously published, so “Our Journey Together?” What’s so special about it?

The most valuable thing about this hilarious book are the handwritten comments of Trump, who is known for his bold and unbridled attitude.

According to the book’s publisher, the former president gave his supporters exactly what they expected from him: Journey contains 300 photos of politicians and famous people and Trump took them. Often offensive, and sometimes simply obscene.

“Our Journey Together” sold more than $20 million in copies within two months of going on sale in late November. The price tag isn’t too bad either, about $75 for a regular book and $230 if you want Trump to sign your copy.

Unfortunately, supply hasn’t kept up with the overwhelming demand, so those who ordered “Our Journey Together” won’t see their books until late February or early March. Current Internet searches for available books turned up none, except for copies sold by third parties. A signed copy on Amazon is being sold as a “collector’s copy” and is priced at $1,749. Other signed books on eBay range from $950 to $1300.

The only thing keeping Trump from signing tens of thousands of copies of “Our Journey Together” are, ironically, supply chain problems that Republicans are trying to blame on his successor. Not enough paper.

Will you buy Trump’s book for the memes and laughs?

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