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When you start going out with someone, it’s usually all fireworks and rainbows – it’s what you’ve always dreamed of and then some. But one day, you may start doubting the relationship, and most likely for a reason. Is your love true? What about your partner’s feelings? Are they faking it?

Let’s try to spot the red flags of fake love.

1. No more sparks

People may be attracted to each other, but that doesn’t mean sparks fly between them. How do you confirm that “spark” is there anyway? If you have a strong gut-wrenching feeling that usually kicks in when your partner isn’t around, you immediately go off when you’re with them—that’s a spark. If you don’t have this feeling in your relationship, what you are going through is not true love.

2. No more compliments

We all need the compliments of our soul mate to feel loved, appreciated and respected. Compliments can instantly improve mood and boost self-esteem, especially when they come from the heart. So if you suddenly stop receiving compliments from your partner, maybe you need to take a closer look at your relationship.

3. Being ignored

We all need some alone time sometimes, even in a relationship. But when a partner demands more personal space, this should be a wake-up call for you. No matter how busy your partner is, he should make time for you now that you are a part of his life. That is true love.

4. Communication problems

When you start having bad comms with your loved one, this issue needs your immediate attention. How many times have you been afraid to say something to your partner because you thought they would misunderstand you? How many times did it seem like words couldn’t reach them? This is not just how true love works, but you have to accept the harsh truth – this relationship has no chance of a future.

5. No future together

Speaking of the future, if your love is true, you can’t imagine your life without each other. It is very natural for people in love to discuss future plans and dreams. You need to understand where you stand. Does your partner want to be with you in five to ten years? What about children? Maybe a house in the suburbs? If they wave it off, that’s another sign that your love is fake.

6. Control

A good relationship depends on maintaining a balance between doing your own thing and supporting your partner. Sometimes, however, this balance is thrown out the window when your loved one takes up too much of your personal time, and you may feel bad if you refuse. This type of manipulative behavior is a sure sign that it’s time to look for a new partner.

7. Unreasonable jealousy

Trust issues can be a common and easily detectable sign of fake love. What about your partner if they constantly suspect that you are keeping secrets from them or are jealous of your little signs of attention from others? This deep insecurity indicates serious trust issues. This behavior can turn into something very weird, like tracking your calls and messages, which isn’t a good sign.

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